Dynamic Vs Condenser Microphones: Understanding the Differences

Dynamic Vs Condenser Microphones

Are you thinking about buying a microphone for recording or for live performances? Failing to understand what the differences between dynamic and condenser mics are? If you’re thinking about buying a microphone, you’ll have to decide whether you want a dynamic or condenser mic. Both can be good options and much of your choice will … Read more

5 Best Bass Compressor Pedals

Best Bass Compressor Pedals

Searching for a good bass compressor pedal? Having a hard time finding the perfect pedal for your needs? A bass compressor pedal is a great tool for any bassist when in the recording studio or playing live. It helps players to automatically smooth out their sound by altering the dynamics of the bass output and … Read more

5 Best Banjo Strings for Clawhammer Style Banjo [2023]

Best Banjo Strings For Clawhammer Style

Do you need some banjo strings that are perfect for frailing and clawhammer-style playing? Attempting to find the best banjo strings for clawhammer banjo? For clawhammer-style banjo players, quality strings can make all the difference in the world. High-quality strings typically produce a higher-quality sound and, therefore, offer players a higher-quality experience. Once you’ve purchased … Read more

Best Rosin For Fiddle and Violin: Our Top 5 Choices

Best Rosin For Fiddle

Are you searching for the best rosin for the violin? Wondering what the best rosin for fiddle players are? Whether you choose to call your instrument a violin or a fiddle, an essential piece of your toolkit should include some high-quality rosin. Applying rosin is essential for getting the best sounds out of your instrument … Read more

5 Best Record Players Under $100

Best Record Players Under $100

Wondering what the best record players under $100 are? Want to get a record player and don’t know where to begin? If you want to go old school and listen to your favorite records, you may be happy to learn that even in 2020, there are plenty of great record players on the market. Music … Read more

5 Best Metronomes For Musicians

Best Metronomes For Musicians

Looking for the best metronomes to buy? Want to improve your timing and practice your instrument right? If you’re a beginner-level musician, there are some concepts that you need to familiarize yourself with. One of the most vital things to know about is the use of a metronome. Metronomes are incredibly useful for improving your … Read more

5 Best DJ Speakers [2023]

Best DJ Speakers

Trying to find the best DJ speakers? Want to make sure you sound great during your next event? If you’re a serious DJ, you need to make sure you have some serious speakers to use. The best DJ speakers out there will help your tracks sound their best and will give you what you need … Read more

5 Best DJ Controllers For Beginners [2021]

Best DJ Controllers For Beginners

Trying to get your DJ career started off right? Searching for the best DJ controllers for beginners? If you want to learn to DJ, you need to have a great DJ controller to work with. DJing is easier than ever before thanks to its rising popularity, and there is plenty of great software and controllers … Read more

4 Best Drumsticks For Beginners

Best Drumsticks For Beginners

Trying to find the best drumsticks? Wondering which drumsticks are best for beginners? If you want to become a great drummer, then having the right gear can help. Not all drumsticks are made the same and some are more useful for beginner players to get started with than others. Whether you’re playing on a great … Read more

4 Best Headphones For DJing

Best Headphones For DJing

Trying to find the best headphones for DJing? Do you need to have the best DJ headphones? An essential tool of any DJ, whether a beginner or a professional, is a set of high-quality headphones. There is a huge range of options out there when it comes to headphones, but if you’re a DJ you … Read more

3 Best PA Systems For Bands, Duos, and Solo Artists

Best PA Systems For Bands

Looking for the best pa systems for bands, duos, or solo artists? Ready to get the amplification you need for your next gig? While renting a PA system or relying on venue PAs may be enough when you first start playing music live, eventually having your own PA becomes a necessity. For bands, duos, and … Read more

4 Best Drum Practice Pads

Best Drum Practice Pads

Looking for the best drum practice pad? Wondering which drum practice pad is the best for you? For drummers who want to get serious about their technique, few tools can be as useful as a drum practice pad. Using a drum practice pad will allow you to practice your skillset in a convenient way anywhere … Read more