5 Best Drum Machines For Guitarists

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Thinking about buying a drum machine?

Not sure which drum machines are the best for guitar players?

There are a lot of different things that a musician needs to be successful. One thing that every guitarist needs (though they may not realize it) is a drum machine. Drum machines can be a lot of fun for guitar players to play around with, and using one can add a lot to your practice sessions and your overall creativity.

Luckily, there are plenty of options that you can choose from. Below we’ll give you our overview of some of the best drum machines for guitarists.

Best Drum Machines For Guitarists – Quick View

Top Drum Machines For Guitar Players – REVIEWED

Want to learn more about our favorite drum machines? Here are our top picks.

1. Alesis SR18 18-Bit Portable Drum Machine

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Best Analog Drum Machines For Guitarists

The first drum machine on our list is the Alesis SR18 18-Bit Portable Drum Machine. This is probably one of the best drum machines for guitarists and it offers more features than any other machine on the market. It has 50 different bass sounds and over 500 drum and percussion sounds.

There is also a seven-position programming panel that allows you to have more control over sound placement. It also has a mute/solo feature that will give you full control over the mood of your performance.

2. Arturia DrumBrute Drum Machine

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Good Drum Machine For Musicians

The next drum machine on our list for guitarists is the Arturia DrumBrute Drum Machine. If you need a machine that is going to offer maximum versatility, then this is the one you should invest in.

The drum machine is very easy to use and also offers great connectivity. You’ll be able to use 17 unique but true analog sounds.

This machine was created with the traditional elements in mind but it has evolved and gotten better as time has gone on. Unfortunately, it is pretty heavy and it doesn’t offer the recording feature like some of the other drum machines do.

3. Boss DR-880 Dr. Rhythm Drum Machine

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Boss Drum Machines For Guitarists

The Boss DR-880 Dr. Rhythm Drum Machine is another great machine that all guitarists need to know about. It offers great functionality and is a good choice for guitar players who need to add a little bit of rhythm to their lives.

This drum machine is a bit smaller than some of the others, so that means certain artists may struggle to use the buttons. However, don’t let this smaller, dated design scare you off.

The drum machine offers 500 presets and 500 user patterns. To go along with these patterns, it also offers 40 bass sounds and 440 drum and percussion sounds.

With this drum machine, you’ll be able to plug your guitar in and start playing immediately. It doesn’t require any special programming and it’s super easy to set up and start using.

4. Roland Aira TR-8 Rhythm Performer

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Best Drum Machine For Guitar Beginners

If you’re searching for the best drum machines for guitarists, you should also consider buying the Roland Aira TR-8 Rhythm Performer. With this machine, you’ll have the luxury of 16 amazing kits that are made up of 11 different instrument types.

It has four large LED displays that have easy to read characters, along with large knobs. This makes it easy to use for a variety of different guitar players. This machine not only looks great but it also can help you perform stellar music.

There are two assignable outputs and full parallel outputs. The real-time pattern creation allows you up to 32 steps so you can create phenomenal music on the fly.

5. Elektron Machinedrum SPS-1 UW MKII +

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Best Drum Machines For Guitar Players

The final drum machine on our list is the Elektron Machinedrum SPS-1 UW MKII+.

This machine offers plenty of different drum synthesis methods, as well as a unique sampling engine. It has a 16 sequencer tracker, along with different modes such as pattern and song mode. The buttons on this machine are super easy to use and make it very enjoyable to use all of the different features that it offers.

You can even record real-time sounds to offer the most realistic music possible. Although, it doesn’t have a USB or headphone port which could be a downside to many modern guitarists.

Final Thoughts

If you want to become a better guitarist and improve your practice sessions, few things will help you more than a great drum machine. Be sure you consider the above options carefully during your search if you want to ensure you get a drum machine that is perfect for your needs.

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