Gifts For Musicians: Best Ideas For Christmas, Birthdays, and Special Occasions

Holiday Presents Music

Looking for the best gifts for musicians? Want to get the musician in your life something special this season? If you have a friend or a loved one who is serious about their music, you may want to find a musical gift that you know they’ll use and cherish for years to come. Luckily, there … Read more

4 Best Earplugs For Musicians

Best Earplugs For Musicians

Looking for the best earplugs for musicians? Want to protect your ears while playing onstage? For serious gigging musicians, an important factor of live performances is protecting the ears. Musicians who play hard rock, metal and other loud types of music especially need to have some ear protection. Believe it or not, all of that … Read more

5 Best Accordion Straps

Best Accordion Strap

Looking for the best accordion straps for your accordion? Want to have more security when you’re playing? With proper technique and understanding of the accordion, you’ll already understand the necessity of a high-quality shoulder strap. A strap provides a lot of security and versatility, whether you prefer to stand or sit while playing. Once you … Read more

4 Best Studio Headphones On a Budget

Best Studio Headphones on a Budget

Looking for the best studio headphones on a budget? Do you want great sound but don’t have much money to spend? Great Studio headphones are essential for creating great recordings. The best studio headphones can allow you to hear exactly what your recording sounds like accurately and with clarity. Both headphones and monitors can be … Read more

6 Best Harmonica Holders

Looking for the best harmonica holders? Need to keep your hands free for the guitar or another instrument? Finding the right harmonica holder for your harmonica is an important part of expanding your musical skill set and can help you in many situations to play comfortably. A harmonica holder can be a great accessory to … Read more

5 Best Pop Filters and Windscreens For the Blue Yeti Microphone

Best Pop Filters For the Blue Yeti Microphone

Looking for the best pop filters for the Blue Yeti microphone? Want to make your vocals the best that they can be? There are many pop filters out on the market these days. However, not all of them are perfect for the Blue Yeti, a unique microphone that is perfect for plugging in and recording … Read more

6 Best Bass Amps for Beginners [UPDATED FOR 2021]

Best Bass Amp

Ready to start learning how to play the bass guitar? Looking for the best bass amps for beginners to get started with? You’ve heard all the songs, you’ve seen all the videos, and you’ve heard the call to start playing. After picking out your bass, the next most important decision you will have to make … Read more

4 Best Studio Monitors Under $200 – Pairs

Top Recording Studio Monitors

Looking for the best studio monitors under $200? Need help getting that perfect mix in the studio? While you may have paid a lot of attention to getting the perfect microphones, preamps, and other music gear in your studio, it’s important not to overlook the importance of amazing studio monitors. Whether you’re a home recording … Read more

5 Best Microphones For Live Vocals [2022]

Microphones For Live Vocalists

Looking for the best microphones for live vocals? Ready to take your voice to the stage? If you’re getting ready to take your voice to the stage, either with a band or solo, you’ll want to make sure you have a great stage microphone for the job. Unfortunately, not all vocal mics are made equally. … Read more

5 Best Free Guitar Apps for Android

best free guitar apps for Android

Ready to download the best free guitar apps for android? Did you know that an Android device can be transformed into a great tool for guitar players? There are some great guitar apps for Android that can help a guitarist in all kinds of ways. Whether you’re looking for an excellent metronome, free guitar lessons, … Read more

Guitar Amp Key Holders (and Other Cool Gifts For Guitar Players)

guitar amp key holder

Looking for the best gifts for guitar players? Looking to get that guitarist in your life something special? Well lucky for you, you’re in the right place. There are some really interesting gifts for guitar players out there that you can give that special friend or family member of yours. As opposed to simply buying … Read more

5 Best Keyboard Stands for Gigging

Getting ready to do some serious gigging? If so, you’ll want to be sure that you have a great keyboard stand to go along with you. In this review, we’ll give you the list of the best keyboard stands for gigging and will fill you in on the top 5 options. Along with the perfect … Read more