3 Best PA Systems For Bands, Duos, and Solo Artists

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Looking for the best pa systems for bands, duos, or solo artists? Ready to get the amplification you need for your next gig?

While renting a PA system or relying on venue PAs may be enough when you first start playing music live, eventually having your own PA becomes a necessity. For bands, duos, and solo artists who need to amp up their sound and perform in front of a live audience, it’s important to choose an amazing PA system that won’t ever let you down.

Luckily, we’re here for you. Below we’ll give you our list of the best PA systems for bands, duos, and solo artists.

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Things to Consider When Buying a PA System

Best PA Systems For Bands and Artists – REVIEWED

Does your band or solo artist in need of a full PA system for a gig? Here are our best suggestions.

1. Yamaha Stagepas 400BT Portable PA System Complete

Best For: Bands, Duos

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Best Powered Amp Systems For Bands

The first PA system on our list is the Yamaha Stagepas 400BT Portable PA System. This is a premium PA system that would be a worthy choice for any serious band to consider. This is a very portable amp that is fairly easy to transport and take from gig to gig.

There are two powered 8″ speakers that come with this portable PA. It also has an 8-channel analog mixer. One bonus of this PA system is that it is a complete package and also comes with 1/4 inch speaker cables, speaker power cables, and a mixer. The cables for this PA can be easily stored within a recessed compartment that has a cover.

Overall, this is a great first choice to consider if you’re ready to make a purchase for your band or musical act.

2. Fender Passport Venue PA Complete

Best For: Bands

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Best Band PA Systems

The Fender Passport Venue PA System is another great option for musical acts and bands. This PA system has 600 watts of power. It’s a great choice for medium to large audiences and truly boasts plenty of power to do the job.

Built into this PA is a 10-channel mixer which is perfect for mixing any type of band or musical ensemble. This PA also has the ability to add some really nice reverb onto the sound of instruments or vocals.

You can easily plug a USB flash drive into this to play audio files and to record WAV files directly.

Overall, this is a great option that is well worth the consideration of any band or musical artist.

3. Bose L1 Compact Active PA System

Best For: Solo Artists, Duos

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Best PA Systems For Solo Acoustic Artists

The Bose L1 Compact Active PA System is another great PA system that offers plenty of power and functionality. This is a unique PA system and is a much smaller and slimmer system than the others that are out there.

This line array system has 2 input channels along with a mixer. There is 1 XLR input in the first channel and an instrument input on the second channel. There is also an RCA stereo input that can accept a variety of sources. The wattage of this PA is 130W. It offers horizontal sound at about 180 degrees.

This PA is ideal for solo artists and small duo acts and has been designed to provide amplification for up to about 100 people max. Solo artists and acoustic duos who use this system will have plenty of control over their sound.

This is the ideal PA for anyone who doesn’t want to set up a large, heavy system for every gig. This PA system is very lightweight and easy to carry.

Overall, this is a great option for solo artists and duos that will be incredibly convenient and easy to deal with.



Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for the best pa systems for bands, duos, or solo artists, then you need to take the above list into consideration. Choosing the right PA system is essential for becoming a gigging musician or ensemble and the right choice will make the realities of each gig much easier to handle.

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