6 Best Harmonica Holders [2023]

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Looking for the best harmonica holders? Need to keep your hands free for the guitar or another instrument?

Finding the right harmonica holder for your harmonica is an important part of expanding your musical skill set and can help you in many situations to play comfortably. A harmonica holder can be a great accessory to get if you play another instrument and need to keep your hands free, whether you’re playing solo (Bob Dylan style) or in a band setting.

However, it’s important to choose a great harmonica holder that you know will be strong and sturdy and will never let you down. Don’t just buy a harmonica holder based on the price alone, but consider its functionality as well. Not every harmonica holder is made the same.

Luckily, we’re here to help. Below we’ll look at the 5 best harmonica holders on the market today.

Best Harmonica Holders – Quick View

Lee Oskar LO10HH Harmonica HolderAn adjustable high-quality harmonica holder with great functionality.Check Price on Amazon
Hohner HH01 Harmonica HolderA harmonica holder with the high-quality craftsmanship you would expect from Hohner.Check Price on Amazon
K&M 16416 Harmonica HolderThis comfortable harmonica holder will give you the flexibility and strength you need.Check Price on Amazon
Hohner HH154 Harmonica HolderA simple, lightweight harmonica holder by Hohner that will work well for any harmonica.Check Price on Amazon
Dunlop HH1 Harmonica HolderA Dunlop holder with a unique design that will work for any harmonica player.Check Price on Amazon
The HarpArm Magnetic Mic Stand Harmonica HolderA unique device that attaches to your mic stand to magnetically hold your harmonica in place.Check Price on Amazon

What Is a Harmonica Holder?

A harmonica holder is a device that can be placed around your neck. It will hold your harmonica for you so that you can play it hands-free.

While you may be able to hold a harmonica and play it if you’re not doing anything else, it’s not as easy if you’re playing another instrument with your hands. Using a harmonica holder allows you to play guitar, piano, or another instrument while playing the harmonica at the same time.

A harmonica holder allows for some great musical possibilities. For example, you’ll be able to strum the guitar while also playing along with a harmonica at the same time.

A harmonica holder can be especially useful for a singer-songwriter or solo performer who wants to expand on their sound. It can serve as a lead instrument, much like a lead guitar, but without needing to have another musician playing along.

Many folk musicians and singers have used harmonica holders throughout the years, with Bob Dylan and Neil Young being some of the most notable of these. A harmonica holder is easy to use and very affordable, so it’s well worth adding one to your collection of music gear.

Musicians Who Use Harmonica Holders

There are many great musicians who have played the harmonica over the years. However, the list of people who have played with a harmonica holder and have made it a part of their signature sound is much smaller.

Here are some great musicians and singer-songwriters who have used a harmonica holder:

  • Bob Dylan
  • Neil Young
  • Billy Joel
  • Bruce Springsteen,
  • Edoardo Bennato
  • Tom Harmon
  • Eddie Vedder
  • Jimmy Reed
  • John Hammond Jr.

Top Harmonica Holders Available – Our Favorite Options

So which harmonica holder should you buy with your hard-earned money? Here are a few that you should consider checking out.

1. Lee Oskar LO10HH Harmonica Holder

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Lee Oskar Harmonica Holder

The Lee Oskar Harmonica Holder is the first harmonica holder on our list. This holder is high-quality and easy to use.

One thing to note is that this holder sits up a bit higher than the others on this list, and it allows you to adjust the harmonica to any level you want. You are not forced to crane your neck forward to play the harmonica. There are many people who prefer the adjustable setup of the holder because it is much larger and less complicated to use.

The holder is made from strong metal, and it will not wear down much over time. Lee Oskar makes professional materials meant for people who are on stage every night, recording in the studio, or practicing at home every day.

Overall, this is a great harmonica holder that is well worth your consideration.

2. Hohner HH01 Harmonica Holder

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Best Hohner Harmonica Holder

Hohner is the leader in harmonica sales around the world, and they also make the best accessories for harmonicas as well. The Hohner HH01 is one of the best harmonica holders out there.

This is an easy harmonica holder to use, and it only has one piece. You can easily place the harmonica in the holder in just one motion.

The Hohner HH01 is one of the best compared to all of the holders on this list, and it is a wonderful choice for beginners to start with. Someone who is new to harmonicas could buy this holder because they can use it comfortably. While you might move up from this holder, later on, you may just want to keep this holder in your collection for years to come.

Overall, this makes for another great option from one of the best harmonica brands around.

3. K&M 16416 Harmonica Holder

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K&M Blues Harp Holder

K&M is a leader in musical accessories that are made for different kinds of instruments. This K&M harmonica holder makes for a great choice and wraps comfortably around the back of your neck in one simple motion.

You can adjust this holder to have the harmonica right in your mouth, or you could tip it forward using its strong neck bar. You can move the neck bar up if you need to, and it has strong arms that will hold when you move the neck bar back.

Overall, the K&M Harmonica Holder is a great holder and will give you what you need to get the job done securely. It’s one of the best harmonica neck holders that you can find today.

4. Hohner HH154 Harmonica Holder

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Cheap Harmonica Holders

Hohner makes many different harmonica accessories, and the Hohner HH154 is the least complex of these holders. The holder has a smaller setup that will not feel so heavy on your neck. You might prefer to use the holder when you need something lighter, and you could use this when you have a small frame.

The HH154 has a shimmering frame that makes it obvious you have taken your harmonica playing seriously. The HH154 has a simple bar across the front that makes installation easy, but it does not adjust as much as other holders.

You might even purchase this holder because you have a specific harmonica you would like to fit, and you could buy them as a package. Hohner fits all harmonicas just perfectly because they are the best company in the field.

Overall, this is a great, simple harmonica holder that is very easy to use. Be sure to give this one a closer look if you’re looking for a great harmonica rack.

5. Dunlop HH1 Harmonica Holder

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Dunlop HH1 Holder For Harmonica

Dunlop makes their own harmonica holders as well as some great harmonica. There are a number of people who would prefer this holder over others because it is so lightweight. This is a good item for you to buy when you want to save money and need a holder that is easy and light to handle.

The light metal on this holder keeps the harmonica in place, and it helps you make fine adjustments because it has simple screws that you can shift back and forth to get the fit you want.

Overall, this is another harmonica holder that you’ll want to check out more in-depth before you make your final buying decision.

6. The HarpArm Magnetic Mic Stand Harmonica Holder

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HarpArm Microphone Harmonica Holder

The HarpArm is unlike most harmonica holders out there and that’s what makes it so great. This is a unique device that attaches to your mic stand to magnetically hold your harmonica in place. This can be a lot of help in a band setting when you quickly need to play a harmonica part but don’t want to have a metal contraption around your neck.

The harp arm can sit very high when you are standing up straight, and it can be lowered as much as you need when you want to sit on a stool or in a chair.

You could get the harp arm for studio recording, or you could leave the harp arm on the stands in your weekly setup. There are some worship bands, house bands, or recording studios that need at least one harp arm ready to go.

Overall, if you want a harmonica holder that is a little bit different then you need to check this one out.

Choosing the Best Harmonica Holder for Your Needs

Searching for the right harmonica holder is difficult if you have never purchased one before. Luckily, the products on the above list are some of the best harmonica holders around.

Remember, you shouldn’t just buy a holder from the harmonica brand you’re most familiar with. Make sure to weigh out your needs carefully when it comes to quality, security, and price. You could get a cheaper neck holder option if you would like to save money or you might purchase a holder that clips to your stand.

There are infinite options when shopping for your holder, and you might purchase different holders for different situations, so make sure you weigh out your options carefully before deciding which one is right for you.

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