5 Best Free Guitar Apps for Android

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Ready to download the best free guitar apps for android?

Did you know that an Android device can be transformed into a great tool for guitar players?

There are some great guitar apps for Android that can help a guitarist in all kinds of ways. Whether you’re looking for an excellent metronome, free guitar lessons, or access to chords and tabs, we’ve got you covered.

Below are the 5 best free guitar apps for Android devices that you need to start using now.

1. Guitar Chords and Tabs by Xssemble

best free guitar apps for Android


  • Access to plenty of free chords and tabs
  • Easy navigation
  • Ability to save favorite tabs
  • Offline access
  • Chord transposing
  • Contains ads

If you’re looking for free access to chords and tabs on your phone or another Android device, the Guitar Chords and Tabs is the perfect choice for you.

If you’re unwilling to pay several dollars for the Ultimate-Guitar app, this app is exactly what you’re looking for. The Guitar Chords and Tabs app comes with some excellent functionality that rivals the Ultimate-Guitar app.

The Guitar Chords and Tabs app has a large database of songs and boasts more than 800,000 chords and tabs. This is one of the must-have apps for Android if you love playing popular songs by your favorite bands and artists.

2. B’Metronome by sZpak

best guitar apps for Android


  • Precise metronome functions
  • No ads
  • Tap Tempo
  • Low Space Usage

If you’re looking for free guitar apps for Android that are great for practicing, then look no further. The B’Metronome app is a free metronome app that is great if you’re practicing scales or anything that requires you to practice your timing.

This metronome app works perfectly and precisely and you can change the BPM as you wish and you can also tap your screen to set the tempo. Additionally, the app also takes up very little space on your device.

Practicing with a metronome is one of the best things you can do to become a better guitar player. As a result, this is another must-have guitar app for your Android device or phone.

3. Guitar Chords Finder by Music Trainer

Best Android apps for guitar players


  • No ads
  • Easy to Use
  • Over 880 Chords and 3400 variations

If you need access to guitar chords, you can’t do any better than this Guitar Chords Finder app. This app by Music Trainer is one of the best free guitar apps for Android and gives you access to over 880 chords with over 3400 variations at the touch of your fingertips.

With this app you’ll have access to triads, tetrads, extended, and altered chords, giving you all of the knowledge you’ll ever need when it comes to the different voicings of chords on the guitar.

Overall, whether you’re an electric guitar master or an acoustic guitar beginner, this app will give you a lot of help with your guitar playing.

4. Yousician

Yousician Review


  • Available for multiple platforms
  • Guitar lessons based on current skill level
  • Easy to use
  • Free version is limited

Not only available for Android, the Yousician app is also available for iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux.

The Yousician app is used for learning several instruments including guitar, bass, ukulele, and piano. The Yousician app offers lessons that are based on your skill level and can help you learn how to play along with various popular songs.

Unfortunately, there are some limits to the free songs you can access and the features you can try. However, the free version still offers a lot of functionality that will be a huge help for developing guitarists.

5. Guitar Tuner Free – GuitarTuna by Yousician

Best guitar tuner app for Android


  • High accuracy tuner
  • Easy to use
  • Includes metronome
  • Plenty of extra features

Another incredibly functional app that is essential for serious and beginning and guitar players is the GuitarTuna app by Yousician. This app has everything you need for a guitar tuner and it can be great to always have a guitar tuner with you on your Android phone or device.

The tuner boasts high accuracy and is very easy to use. The GuitarTuna app works well with the guitar but is also perfect for other stringed instruments including the ukulele, mandolin, bass guitar, violin and more. The app also works well with alternate tunings.

In addition to the guitar tuner function, this app also includes additional tools and features. Included tools include a metronome, chord teaching functions, and games for learning guitar and training your ear.

Using the Best Free Guitar Apps For Android

If you’re looking for the best free guitar apps for Android, the above choices will more than give you the tools you need. It will surprise you how well your phone works as a useful guitar tool.

No matter what your needs are, one of the guitar apps above will be just what you need to play the guitar more effectively, learn new songs, and make the most of your practice time.

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