6 Best Microphones For Live Vocals [2023]

Microphones For Live Vocalists

Looking for the best microphones for live vocals? Ready to take your voice to the stage? If you’re getting ready to take your voice to the stage, either with a band or solo, you’ll want to make sure you have a great stage microphone for the job. Unfortunately, not all vocal mics are made equally. … Read more

6 Best Piano Accordions For Beginners [2023]

Looking for the best piano accordions for beginners? Ready to start playing this interesting instrument? If you’re a piano player looking to make the switch to the accordion or you’re learning an instrument for the first time, the piano accordion can be a great choice. Unlike the diatonic accordion, which seems a bit more complicated … Read more

6 Best Harmonicas For Beginners [2023]

Best Starter Harmonicas and Beginner Harmonicas

Looking for the best harmonicas for beginners? Ready to get started playing this unique, fun instrument? The harmonica is an amazing and very portable instrument that has a very distinctive sound. It also has a very interesting history and has gained a lot of recognition over the years. The harmonica is a great instrument to … Read more

6 Best Ocarinas For Beginners

Best Ocarinas For Beginners

Looking for the best ocarinas for beginners? Ready to get started with this unique wind instrument? You probably already know that an ocarina is a wind instrument like a recorder or a flute, but you might not be aware of the various types of ocarinas; this guide is to help you choose the right one … Read more

Best 6-String Banjo Guitars, Banjitars, and Guitjos

Best Banjo Guitar

Looking for the best 6-string banjo guitars? Want a unique and interesting instrument to play? While the banjo guitar is not as popular as some other instruments out there, it offers an interesting sound that just can’t be beaten. The instrument features the beautiful and unique sound of a banjo along with the playability of … Read more

5 Best Dobros and Resonator Guitars – Squareneck

Dobro guitar player - bluegrass band

Looking for the best dobros and the best resonator guitars on the market? Ready to get started playing the squareneck resonator guitar? While the term “Dobro” actually refers to a specific brand of resophonic guitars owned by Gibson, it’s often used interchangeably with the terms resonator guitar and resophonic guitars. Whatever you decide to call … Read more

5 Best Violins and Fiddles for Beginners

Ready to start playing the violin or fiddle? Looking for the best beginner instruments out there? Picking the best violins or fiddles for beginners can be tricky. There are a lot of great options on the market. Luckily, we’re here to help. On this page, we’ve assembled a full list of the best beginner and … Read more

5 Best Classical Guitars on the Market

best classical guitar on the market

Can’t get enough of the classical guitar? Is it time to finally buy a new instrument? In a world filled with music lovers, the classical guitar has stood the test of time. It remains one of the most popular instruments around. A countless number of guitars are produced and sold each year, and the instrument’s … Read more

6 Best Accordions for Beginners – Diatonic [2023]

best beginner accordion reviews

Looking for the best accordions for beginners? Want to get started on the right foot? The accordion is a unique instrument that characterizes some of the most interesting musical styles out there. The instrument is a centerpiece of many musical genres – ranging from American Cajun music and Klezmer to Polka and Tango. Along with … Read more

5 Best Ukuleles: The Top Ukuleles of the Year

best ukuleles

Looking for the best ukuleles? Ready to bring out your inner beach bum? The ukulele is a great little instrument that is perfect for beginners or musicians who are used to other stringed instruments such as the guitar. If you already know how to play the guitar, in fact, it’s pretty easy to transition to … Read more