5 Best Classical Guitars on the Market

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Can’t get enough of the classical guitar?

Is it time to finally buy a new instrument?

In a world filled with music lovers, the classical guitar has stood the test of time. It remains one of the most popular instruments around.

A countless number of guitars are produced and sold each year, and the instrument’s popularity is not going to change anytime soon. However, with so many guitars of all kinds being sold it can be pretty difficult to make a decision as you’re trying to navigate this saturated market and find the best classical guitars.

For classical guitarists, there are a lot of brands and guitar models to choose from. It’s important that you do your research and know exactly what you’re paying for before choosing an instrument.

Luckily, we’re here to help. Below we’ll give you our list of the best classical guitars out there.

The Best Classical Guitars – Quick View

1. Yamaha C40 Classical Guitar

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best guitar for classical guitar players

The Yamaha C40 Classical Guitar is a great instrument that was designed for both beginners as well as experienced guitarists. Though cheap, it has a lot to offer compared to others in its category.

Even with its relatively low price, it boasts an Engelmann spruced top with laminated mahogany back and sides, and a nato wood neck, which is a wood similar to mahogany. The guitar also offers a rosewood fretboard that adds to its melamine gloss finish.

Mainly designed for beginners or experts on a tight budget, this classical guitar offers everything most players could want. The instrument is sophisticated yet simple in appearance. It flys under the radar. One might be tempted to write it off at first and not realize its worth. However, once playing this guitar and experiencing it firsthand, you’ll realize why this instrument remains so popular.

Overall, the Yamaha C40 is a great instrument for any player who wants a quality instrument but isn’t quite ready to venture too deep into their pockets. This another one of the best classical guitars out there.

Whether you’re planning to teach yourself how to play classical music on your own or you’re about to enroll in a great music conservatory or college program, this guitar will serve you well.

2. Cordoba C5 Classical Guitar

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best classical guitars

The Cordoba C5 is a well-crafted instrument that summons the instrument’s long history. It’s exactly what a great classical guitar should sound like. This classical guitar is a really unique instrument that stands out with its wide range of features and its great craftsmanship.

The guitar is comprised of a solid cedar top along with mahogany laminated back and sides that complement each other well. It also features an impressive 52mm nut width and a scale length of 650mm, that guitar traditionalists will love. The nylon strings add to its mellow and warm sound that would be great to play for a crowd or at home.

There are some drawbacks to this instrument, however. As can be expected with a mass-produced instrument such as this, some users won’t be satisfied with every feature. Personally, we would have preferred solid wood back and sides instead of laminated. However, despite this, the Cordoba C5 is still one of our top choices of the best classical guitars on the market.

Overall, this is a wonderful instrument that ticks off all the boxes and has an obvious edge over the rest of the market. This instrument will give any classical player exactly what they want out of a high-quality instrument.

3. La Patrie Guitar, Concert CW QI

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A stand out among other models in its brand, this La Patrie guitar is a great looking nylon string guitar that features meticulous detail. Musicians worldwide will likely love how this instrument plays and sounds.

The La Patrie Concert CW QI features solid tone-woods and a cedar top with the back and side crafted from solid mahogany. It also comes with an under the saddle transducer pickup that makes it perfect for a gigging guitarist on a budget.

This instrument is a bit different from others in the same price range and there are a few reasons why. For one, this classical guitar contains a unique cutaway design where the body meets the neck. This allows for easier access to the upper frets of the instrument.

While some regard this design as a weakness claiming that it affects the tone, many players don’t notice the difference and in reality, most players will probably notice a very small difference.

Overall, this classical guitar is a great instrument that offers a pleasingly warm and mellow nylon string sound. It’s definitely one of the best classical guitars out there, and it has definitely earned its place on this list.

4. Godin Multiac Grand Concert SA

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Godin classical guitars

This classical guitar is a very unique choice. It’s created by Godin, an impressive brand that has been quickly gaining in popularity in recent times. Many guitarists drool over the instruments by this manufacturer, and the Godin Multiac Grand Concert SA is one of the best offered by the brand.

This isn’t just your ordinary classical guitar. The stand out feature of this instrument is the included RCM electronics. These allow a player to control a variety of synths directly from the guitar. The instrument’s acoustic properties are meant to enhance the overall sound of the electronics. Because of this, this might not be a good choice if you’re looking for a guitar that is solely meant for an acoustic jam.

The instrument features a solid cedar top coupled with a mahogany neck. Along with a Ritchie fret-board chambered on a mahogany body, the instrument boasts a very sleek look. It definitely doesn’t look like a normal guitar.

While this is one of the best classical guitars on the market, it is definitely on the expensive side. Not everybody will want to spend the money for this instrument. However, those that do will be more than satisfied as the guitar’s features are second to none.

Overall, the Concert SA is a unique choice that is a far cry from your typical guitar. The instrument is very high-quality and offers a lot, despite its higher price tag. The guitar will have no problem handling almost any genre. It is completely capable of adapting to different roles, whatever your particular needs may be.

5. Angel Lopez CF1246 Flamenco Guitar

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best flamenco guitar

Created by a relatively new brand compared to the others on this list, the Angel Lopez CF1246 is a beautiful Flamenco guitar that has a unique sound. This guitar is crafted specifically for flamenco players, so if this your go-to style, it may just be the instrument for you.

The instrument features a solid spruce wood top with a natural high gloss finish and a body and back churned from high-quality cypress wood. The instrument includes a rosewood fingerboard and bridge to finish off its look. This guitar will prove itself to be of top-notch quality during any jam sessions or live performances you encounter.

Overall, this is a great classical guitar that functions well and is also one of the best looking instruments you can find. Particularly if you’re a flamenco player, you can’t do much better than the Angel Lopez CF1246 guitar.

Final Thoughts

It can be difficult to find the perfect classical guitar, but each of the above instruments come pretty close. The classical guitars above are some of the best out there and will likely please even the pickiest of classical players. Take your time to consider your budget, your playing style, and what you want out of an instrument.

With a little bit of looking, you may just be able to find the right instrument for you and get everything that you’re looking for out of a classical guitar.

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