Guitar Amp Key Holders (and Other Cool Gifts For Guitar Players)

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Looking for the best gifts for guitar players? Looking to get that guitarist in your life something special?

Well lucky for you, you’re in the right place. There are some really interesting gifts for guitar players out there that you can give that special friend or family member of yours. As opposed to simply buying gifts for musicians, this list is made with guitar players in mind.

Whether it’s Christmas time, a birthday, or another special occasion, the gifts below will be great choices if you’re in the giving spirit.

1. Guitar Amp Key Holders – One of the Best Gifts For Guitar Players

guitar amp key holder

A guitar amp key holder is an incredibly cool gift that you can give that musician or guitarist in your life. These easily attach to the wall and help to add a cool look to any musician’s home. A corresponding 1/4″ plug attaches to the guitarist’s keychain so that they can plug in anytime they come home.

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2. Marshall Stockwell Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Another guitar amp-themed gift is the Marshall Stockwell portable Bluetooth speaker. This is an official Marshall product and looks great. It’s a great addition to a guitarist’s life when he’s taking a break from making the tunes to listening to music. If you’re looking to give a musician a gift they’ll love and use, this can make an excellent choice.

3. Guitdoorbell

guitar doorbell

Definitely, one of the unique gifts out there, the Guitdoorbell is exactly how it sounds: a guitar for a doorbell.

The Guitdoorbell hangs above the front door and whenever the door is opened the guitar is strummed. This is truly a unique gift that can be a great fit for the serious guitar player’s home.

4. Pick Punch

gifts for guitar players

If you’re looking for a more practical gift to give the guitar player, you should consider the pick punch.

The Pick Punch will help that guitar player in your life to create their very own guitar picks out of old credit cards, library cards, or other materials. There will be no more need for the guitarist to buy picks every time they’re at the music store with this gift.

5. Decorative Wall Hooks

guitar wall hooks

Another decorative gift that can serve a function in a guitar player’s home is this set of decorative guitar hooks.

These hooks have the look and feel of a guitar headstock but can be used to hang a coat, jacket, or any other item. This can be a very useful feature and is one of the best gifts for guitar players you can find.

Final Thoughts

All of the above items are great gifts for the guitar player in your life. If their birthday is coming up give them something truly special. These gifts will really “strike a chord” in their hearts and give them a gift to remember you by.

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