5 Best Music Schools in the United States

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Looking for the best music schools in the United States?

Want to make sure you have a great music education?

There is no shortage of higher education institutions in the United States, and while many of them have worthy music programs, not all of them quite the same. Some music programs in the country stand out above the others. These programs are highly coveted by musicians who want to make music a true profession.

If you’re a prospective student looking for the best place to study music, look no further. Below we’ll tell you about the very best music schools in the United States.

1. Music at The Julliard School – New York, NY

At the top of our list is Julliard. Julliard is a prestigious performing arts conservatory in New York City that trains students in the undergraduate and graduate levels in drama, music, and dance. The private school was founded in 1905 and is built up an incredible reputation over the years. The music department is truly one of the best in the nation.

Many alumni from the school go on to achieve wide levels of success. The application and audition process is intense and the school only accepts a small percentage of applicants each year. For many, however, the fight is well worth it in the end.

2. Berklee College of Music – Boston, MA

Berklee College of Music is located in Boston, MA, and is one of the best music colleges and performing arts conservatories in the United States. The private music college offers a variety of degree problems and like Julliard, has a large list of successful alumni.

The application process can be intensive but the school makes a great choice for musicians of all kinds who want thorough training. Berklee focuses on contemporary music. It’s a great choice for musicians who enjoy modern music, jazz, and songwriting.

Whether you want to play lead guitar like a professional or you want to work on film scores, Berklee is a great choice.

3. New England Conservatory of Music – Boston, MA

Also located in Boston, the next school on our list is The New England Conservatory of Music. This is the oldest independent school of music that is located in the USA. Many around the country regard the school as one of the most distinguished in the music arena.

This school had the first jazz program at a music conservatory that was also fully accredited. Whether you want to play the trumpet or become a master of the cello, the New England Conservatory is a great place to do it.

4. Manhattan School of Music – New York, NY

The Manhattan School of Music is another one of the best music schools in the country. This music school is located in New York City and is a private institution that offers an excellent program.

The Manhattan School of Music offers multiple types of degrees including bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees. The school offers programs in the realm of classical, jazz performance, composition, and even musical theatre.

Whether you’re planning on learning the classical guitar or you want to become the next great jazz trumpet player, this school may be the perfect choice.

5. Blair School of Music at Vanderbilt University – Nashville, TN

The Blair School of Music at Vanderbilt University is another great school for musicians who want to become pros in their area of expertise.

One of the best things about Vanderbilt is that it is located in Nashville. Many people know the city as the country music capital of the world. Especially for musicians who are interested in becoming involved with the music business or who have a taste for country music, Vanderbilt would make a great choice.

This school is only open to undergraduates but offers a huge amount of quality all things considered. The school boasts a conservatory-caliber music training program that is strictly for undergraduate aspiring musicians.

Choosing Between the Best Music Schools in the United States

If you’re ready to learn music from a great institution, none of the programs above will steer you wrong. The schools on the list above have each cultivated great reputations over the years. These schools are truly among the best music schools in the United States.