The DigiTech Trio+ Band Creator Pedal Review

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Thinking about buying the DigiTech Trio+ Band Creator Pedal?

Wondering what it can do for your playing?

Whether you’re performing on stage or practicing at home the Trio+ can be a great tool that can give you the feel of playing with a full band.

It doesn’t matter if you are an expert, beginner or somewhere in between, the Trio+ can help you maximize your practice time. There are few better ways to amplify your time practicing than having a bass and drums section to play with.

Aside from being a practice tool, the DigiTech Trio+ can also be a lot of fun to use on stage. It can give you a full band sound even if you’re a single guitar player. For singer/songwriters or solo acoustic players who want to bring a larger sound to a gig or open mic, the Trio+ has the potential to be a real lifesaver.

While we’ve mentioned the Digitech Trio+ Band Creator Pedal before in our list of great pedals for solo performers, below we’ll take a deeper look at this unique pedal.

Keep reading to see our overview of the DigiTech Trio+ Band Creator Pedal so you can decide for yourself if you want to add it to your gear list. In our Digitech Trio Plus review, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about this unique pedal.

DigiTech Trio+ Band Creator Pedal – Quick View

Digitech TRIOPLUS Band Creator and LooperDigiTech Trio+ Band Creator PedalThe updated band creator pedal with an added looper, SD card expansion, and bass and drum functions for 12 genres and 12 styles.

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Digitech TRIO Electric Guitar Multi Effect, Band Creator Pedal, Power Supply IncludedDigiTech Trio Band Creator PedalThe original band creator pedal with basic bass and drum accompaniment functions along with 7 genres and 12 styles to choose from.

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Basic Features of the DigiTech Trio+ Guitar Pedal

Using the DigiTech Trio+ Pedal allows you to have a full band playing with you. You’ll simply teach the pedal the parts of your song on the fly and then watch as it plays along with you.

Using the pedal, you’ll have complete control over the sound and will be able to switch it to the perfect genre for your playing style. You can also store the song parts for later use and easy recall as needed.

Here are a few of the main features of this Band Creator Pedal you should be aware of:

  • Instant drums and bass parts
  • 12 musical genres
  • 12 Playing Styles (including 4/4 3/4, swing rhythms, etc)
  • Built-in Looper and Unlimited Overdub Recording Functionalities
  • Ability to record loops to an external SD card
  • Create and store as many as 5 song parts
  • Create a full song arrangement on the fly
  • Record pats for intro, verse, chorus, and more
  • Use tempo variations in your song
  • Change the mix for each section of your song
  • Simple Bass Button for simple or complex bass parts

Compared to the original DigiTech Band Creator Pedal, the Trio+ adds in a lot of abilities and features that help to give the pedal even more options. There is even more flexibility for the kinds of songs you can play and the kind of music you can create using the pedal.

Updates to the Original DigiTech Trio

While the original DigiTech Trio Band Creator Pedal has been out for some time now, the Digitech Trio+ was released fairly quickly after. It added a lot to the original pedal and made it even more flexible and powerful.

The basic pedal is a stompbox that creates integrated drum and bass rhythms for all chord progressions that you play. The original had some limitations, however, and the pedal was not ideal for being used live.

Digitech responded to the feedback of players with the Trio Plus and added a looper. It also expanded on the original features of the pedal.

While there were originally only seven genres to choose from there is now 12. There is also a Micro SD storage slot which allows the ability to store 12 songs along with their loops.

Because of the different footswitches for both band and looper, using the Trio plus is also very easy.

One of the principal problems with the original Trio was the overly complex bass lines. There is now an alternative and the ability to create simpler bass parts using the Simple Bass Button. This button allows you to choose 3 different options featuring a “busy” bass or a much simpler bass line instead.

While the drum sounds on this pedal aren’t quite as great as those on some of our favorite drum machines, they definitely get the job done well enough.

Using the Trio+ Band Creator Pedal

Because of the different footswitches for both band and looper, using the Trio Plus is easy.

Producing a backing track simply requires hitting a different footswitch while playing a chord progression distinctly and in time. Then you’ll hit the footswitch at the end to finish the song part.

The pedal can put your song together and recall the playback of up to five parts for every song.

Keep in mind that Instead of arpeggiation or riffs, it’s better to stick with simpler strumming patterns. If you do, the Trio will have zero difficulties following your playing.

The added functions to this pedal also mean that the Trio+ may now be used as live backing. Remember, however, that you should use the mixer output and run the backing into an abridged PA rather than into your guitar amp.

If the built-in switches aren’t enough, there are alternatives for changing between parts more easily. The pedal allows the use of different footswitches, and you can connect Digitech’s FS3X triple footswitch for more ease of use.

The Bottom Line

While the original trio pedal offered a lot to players, especially for practicing, the Trio+ has even more to offer solo players. It’s great for those solo players who want to achieve a great full band sound while practicing or while on stage.

The original Trio is an amazing resource when it comes to helping practice as well as songwriting. The Trio+, however, has an even higher range of possibilities. This makes it a great addition to any singer/songwriter or solo performer’s pedalboard.

Overall, the DigiTech Trio+ Band Creator Pedal is a great pedal that offers a lot to players who need some extra backing sounds for their playing.

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