10 Best Cheap Guitar Pedals For Electric Guitar

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Trying to find the best cheap guitar pedals on the market today? Want to have a great pedalboard but don’t have a lot of money to spend?

Few great guitarists get by on just a bare electric guitar sound alone, but instead, opt to add plenty of amazing pedals to their board. Guitar pedals aren’t anything new. Guitarists of all genres have used them for quite a while to create amazing tones and to explore plenty of new sonic territory.

It’s easy to want every guitar pedal you see, but your wallet may not be able to afford every little gadget and guitar pedal that your heart desires.

Luckily, there are many cheap guitar pedals that you can get for a fraction of the cost of the higher-end guitar effects pedals. However, while you may think they would be of low quality, the opposite is true. The pedals on this list are all well worth the bang for the buck.

Below are the best cheap guitar pedals that you’ll want to add to your pedalboard as soon as possible.

Best Cheap Guitar Pedals – Quick View

TC Electronic HOF Mini Reverb PedalCheck Price on Amazon
Joyo JF-02 Ultimate Drive Effects PedalCheck Price on Amazon
Electro-Harmonix Soul FoodCheck Price on Amazon
Boss DS-1 Distortion PedalCheck Price on Amazon
Hotone Skyline Series WALLY Compact Looper PedalCheck Price on Amazon
VOX V845 Classic Wah Wah PedalCheck Price on Amazon
Electro Harmonix Nano Big Muff Distortion PedalCheck Price on Amazon
TC Electronic PolyTune 2 Tuner PedalCheck Price on Amazon
Joyo JF-08 Digital Delay PedalCheck Price on Amazon
Electro-Harmonix Neo Clone Chorus PedalCheck Price on Amazon-

Top Cheap Pedals For Guitarists – REVIEWED

Ready to find some of the most affordable high-quality pedals on the market? Check these out.

1. TC Electronic HOF Mini Reverb Pedal – Our Top Choice for the Best Cheap Guitar Pedals

Guitar Reverb Effect - Cheap Guitar Pedals

The TC Electronic HOF Mini Reverb is a quality pedal that is great for adding some reverb to your playing. It’s truly one of the best reverb pedals on the market today. The tone is based on the popular Hall of Fame Reverb pedal but this particular model has compacted it into a mini version.

Additionally, the pedal makes an even greater impact thanks to the inclusion of TonePrint editor capabilities. The TonePrint Editor allows you to plug the pedal into the computer and choose the sounds you want by creating your own tones or choosing from the free library.

Overall, the TC Electronic HOF (Hall of Fame) Mini Reverb offers a great value that more than earns its spot on this list.

2. Joyo JF-02 Ultimate Drive Effects Pedal

Guitar overdrive pedal

The Joyo JF-02 Ultimate Drive is an overdrive pedal that has a true bypass that helps to eliminate excess noise. It offers a great tone that is great for many different styles of playing and particularly suits blues and soft rock tones, however, it may not be well suited for metal guitarists. (P.S. Check out our review of the best metal distortion pedals for our top picks.)

Joyo Pedals is a budget brand but their pedals will more than get the job done for many guitarists and offers great effects pedals that can expand any guitar player’s sound.

If you’re looking for a dependable overdrive pedal, the Joyo JF-02 Ultimate Drive is exactly what you may be looking for.

3. Electro-Harmonix Soul Food

Soul Food Guitar Pedal

The Electro-Harmonix Soul Food pedal is an affordable alternative to the popular Klon Centaur pedal. It offers a great selection of tones including impressive overdrive, rich distortion, and a clean boost.

The pedal features true bypass and offers a large range of control, perfect for getting exactly what you want out of this popular distortion pedal that comes at an affordable price.

The Electro-Harmonix Soul Food pedal has already made a name for itself and it’s easy to see why.

4. Boss DS-1 Distortion Pedal

Boss DS-1 Distortion Pedal - Cheap Guitar Pedals

The Boss DS-1 is an easy-to-use distortion pedal that is favored by both amateurs and pros.

Like other cheap guitar pedals on this list, it comes out at a very cheap price tag and is well worth the value. The pedal has a warm gain that you can use to influence the pedal’s tone.

The pedal was introduced in 1978 and has become a favorite among players due to its smooth sustained aggressive and bold attack and tone. This device will be great for just about any rock genre.

Overall, the Boss DS-1 Distortion pedal is a classic and tried-and-true option that you can’t go wrong with.

5. Hotone Skyline Series WALLY Compact Looper Pedal

Best Guitar Looper Pedals

This pedal is made by a Chinese manufacturer but is well worth the low price tag if you’re looking for a simple to use, compact, and dependable looper pedal.

Other low-priced loopers are available but most can’t match the number of features that the WALLY Compact Looper offers. The tiny pedal comes with a whopping 15 minutes of playback time along with plenty of controls including Rec Level, Output, and Tempo.

Overall, the Hotone Skyline Series WALLY Compact Looper is a great choice if you’re looking for a quality looper pedal at an affordable price.

6. VOX V845 Classic Wah Wah Pedal

Vox V845 Guitar Pedal

If you’re looking for a tried-and-true wah pedal with a classic sound, the VOX V845 is an excellent choice that you need to consider. The wah-wah pedal is one of the most important types of guitar pedals in our opinion, and this one makes for a very worthy choice.

The pedal offers a vintage wah tone that rivals that of Dunlop’s Original Crybaby and comes in at an excellent price that is affordable by even the most starving of artists.

The wah pedal has a very interesting history, so many guitarists still love to have this sound in their arsenal. VOX V845 Classic Wah Pedal appears on many great recordings of the past and has been used by greats including Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, and Joe Satriani.

If you’re interested in emulating some amazing classic rock sounds, the VOX V845 may be just what you need.

7. Electro Harmonix Nano Big Muff Distortion Pedal

EHX Nano Big Muff

Another famous sound, the Nano Big Muff attempts to capture the tone and essence of its big brother, the Big Muff. This pedal has an interesting history and offers an iconic sound.

The distortion on this pedal is hard to beat and it does a great job at emulating the sound of the original Big Muff pedal. The Nano is, of course, smaller than the original but still comes with plenty of sustain and a vintage distortion sound that is excellent for those high lead notes.

If you’re looking for the Big Muff in a small and affordable package, this is the pedal for you.

8. TC Electronic PolyTune 2 Tuner Pedal

TC Electronic Polytune 2 with True Bypass - Cheap Guitar Pedal

While the TC Electronic PolyTune 2 Tuner pedal may not be as exciting or renowned as some of the other pedals on this list, it is still an incredibly useful pedal that comes in at an excellent price.

This pedal is great for those times when you need to tune up on stage and includes an easy-to-use interface, display, and reliable functionality. While there are other types of guitar tuners around, a tuner pedal works great if you play on-stage often.

This is a great pedal to add to your arsenal along with some of the others on this list if you really want to make your time easier on stage.

9. Joyo JF-08 Digital Delay Pedal

Joyo Jf-08 Digital Delay Pedal - Cheap Guitar Pedal

This is another excellent pedal from the affordable Joyo line of pedals. The Joyo JF-08 Digital Delay offers that delayed sound that you love and that any electric guitarist needs to have on their pedalboard.

The pedal offers plenty of control over the repeats and the overall sound with its Time, Repeat, and Level knobs. The tone is very warm compared to other delay pedals of its kind and also features a very natural decay.

Overall, if you’re ready to add an affordable delay pedal to your arsenal you can’t go wrong with the Joyo JF-08 Digital Delay pedal.

10. Electro-Harmonix Neo Clone Chorus Pedal

Neo Clone Chorus Pedal - Cheap Guitar Pedals

Aside from the other effects on this list, an amazing chorus pedal may be just what you need to complete your collection of quality, cheap guitar pedals.

The Electro-Harmonix Neo Clone Chorus pedal is on the simpler side as far as chorus pedals go, but many electric guitar players may love this. The pedal is very low-maintenance and simply comes with a Rate knob as well as a Depth control switch. The chorus pedal offers a classic tone that will go great along with short melodic guitar playing or basic chord changes.

Overall, while the Neo Clone Chorus pedal is a bit on the simple side it is a great option if you’re looking for an affordable chorus pedal.

Final Thoughts

The truth is you don’t have to spend your entire life savings to have some amazing pedals to perform with on stage or to play at home. The cheap guitar pedals above all come in at very reasonable prices and will make a great addition to any guitar player’s pedalboard.

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