3 Best Semi-Hollow Body Guitars Under $1000

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If you want to have a unique style of guitar playing, then you can buy a semi-hollow (or semi-acoustic) guitar.

The distinguishing characteristic of a semi-acoustic guitar is that it features a wooden center block that is used to mount the guitar’s pickups. This type of guitar is usually found in the upper register and has a block in the middle of the neck. It contains all the materials necessary for producing acoustic sounds.

Below are 5 best semi-hollow body guitars under 1000 dollars that are ideal for beginners and others who enjoy that acoustic sound.

Best Semi-Hollow Body Guitars For Below 1k – QUICK VIEW

Top Semi-Hollow Body Guitars – REVIEWED

Ready to find a great semi-hollow body guitar to buy? Here’s our list of the best under $1000.

1. Hagstrom Tremar Viking Deluxe Semi-Hollow Body Guitar

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Good Semi-Hollow Body Guitars

The first semi-hollow body guitar on our list of the best is the Hagstrom Tremar Viking Deluxe. If this guitar looks familiar to you, there’s a good reason for that. This instrument was also featured on our list of the top jazz guitars as well.

The Hagstrom Tremar Viking Deluxe Guitar is one of the best guitars in this category because it features several unique features and simply sounds great. This guitar looks, sounds, and feels great straight out of the box and offers a high-quality build.

Most notably, the unique Tremar “tremolo” system that was built by Hagstrom works great and the arm’s weighted tip offers a very natural feel. You also get a convenient “power” switch to use on any part of the guitar including the neck.

If you’re looking for a semi-acoustic guitar that can be played just as loud as an electric guitar, this guitar is the one for you.

2. Guild Starfire V with Guild Vibrato Tailpiece

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Top Semi-Hollow Body Guitars

The next guitar on our list is the Guild Starfire V. This is a great guitar that is built well and has an amazing look, sound, and feel.

Since Guild introduced their Line Series of guitars in the mid-1970s, this series of guitars has grown in popularity. The Line Series of guitars is some of the most well-rounded guitars that Guild offers with the classic styling of the early Guilds being combined with the dual cutaway body. The Guild Starfire V Semi-Hollow Body Electric Guitar is one of the best offerings from the brand.

As an added bonus, this guitar also comes with a high-quality carrying case as well.

Overall, this is a great semi-hollow guitar for players who want to have one of these unique instruments of their own. When it comes to Guild Starfire V, it is a natural choice for the guitarist who has an appreciation for what a semi-hollow body electric guitar can do.

3. Prestige Guitars NYS Standard Semi-Hollow Body Electric Guitar

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Best Semi-Hollow Body Electric Guitars

The Prestige Guitars NYS Semi-Hollow Body Electric Guitar is another great option for any players who want to get their hands on a semi-hollow body guitar.

This high-quality instrument features an arched maple top and back along with dual F-holes and a solid center block. It has a single-cutaway body and a fingerboard and neck that is simply beautiful. The guitar comes with a pair of Seymour Duncan Vintage P90 pickups as well which help give the instrument a great plugged-in sound.

While this guitar costs less than $1000, don’t be fooled. It punches well above its weight and sounds better than a lot of the $3000 and $4000 guitars that can be found.

Overall, this is one more great semi-hollow body option for any guitarists looking for a new instrument to hold and cherish.

Final Thoughts

In addition to being affordable, semi-acoustic guitars also present different options. Several people choose a stringed semi-acoustic guitar because it suits their taste. However, some prefer the sound of an electric guitar. This is because the tone produced by an electric guitar is brighter and easier to produce.

The semi-acoustic guitar is a great alternative for beginners. Some of the most popular styles of semi-acoustic guitars include folk, bluegrass, and baritone. You can also opt for a solid body or hollow body semi-acoustic guitar.

Whether you are a beginner or professional these are some of the best semi-hollow body guitars under $1000 and each will meet all of your musical needs.

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