3 Best Hollow Body Guitars Under $1000

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Looking for the best hollow body guitars under $1000? Trying to find an instrument that is perfect for playing jazz and blues?

Created in the 1930s, the hollow body guitar is one of the most beautiful types of guitars out there today. The instrument is the perfect choice for players who need a warm, clean tone while also getting adequate volume.

Primarily used by jazz guitarists and blues players, hollow-body guitars have a lot to offer players who want to sound their best. Many of the world’s most famous jazz guitarists play a hollow body guitar, and many aspiring guitarists are following their lead.

Fortunately, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to get an amazing hollow body guitar. Below we’ll give you our list of the best hollow body guitars under $1000.

Best Hollow Body Guitars For Less Than $1000 – Quick View

Top Hollow Body Guitars – REVIEWED

Is it time to find a great hollow body guitar to buy? Here’s our list of the very best available today.

1. Gretsch G5420T Hollow Body Guitar

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Best Hollow Body Electric Guitar

The first guitar on our list of the best hollow bodies is the Gretsch G5420T Hollow Body Guitar.

The Gretsch G5420T is a hollow body electric guitar with a slim and lightweight design. With its gorgeous dark mahogany body and silver hardware, it has a unique look. This guitar features a comfortable maple neck that is bound with a rosewood fingerboard for easy playing and tracking of the guitar.

A pair of Gretsch humbuckers provide a crisp sound while its mahogany body provides durability. The Gretsch TTS (Ultrasound Technology) pickup system enables you to switch between a pair of signature models. The Gretsch TTS pickups have been treated for superior performance and are designed for optimum frequency response and signal purity.

With the dual controls for volume and tone, you can tweak your guitar to suit your preference. The hollow body construction lets you easily adjust the acoustic and treble frequencies for that perfect acoustic tone.

Because of its unique construction, it may come with a hand-polished maple neck that is bound in a rosewood fingerboard for enhanced stability. These guitars are designed with lots of chrome-plated hardware for clean looks and sturdy stability.

Overall, we think this is the very best choice for guitarists looking for a great hollow body guitar to add to their collection.

2. Loar LH-302T Hollow Body Guitar

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Best Electric Hollow Body Guitars For the Price

The next hollow body guitar on our list is the Loar LH-302T Hollow Body Guitar.

This vintage-style guitar has a cutaway hollow body archtop cutaway design. It’s a Thinline hollow body guitar with a maple neck that is made from a solid piece of maple. The maple fingerboard has 24 extra-jumbo frets and a one-piece rosewood fretboard.

The most special feature of this guitar is its lightweight design making it easy to handle. The Twin Pickup system provides plenty of tone for any guitarist.

The price varies on this guitar depending on where you find it. It may cost you either a little bit less or in some cases a little bit more than $1000. However, because this guitar is so great we couldn’t resist putting it on our list despite being right on the dividing line of guitars in this price range.

Overall, this is another worthy option to consider in your search for a great hollow body guitar for a good price. Especially with a great guitar amp, this guitar will serve you well.

3. Johnson JH-100-WNB Delta Rose Electric Guitar

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Best Hollow Body Jazz Guitars

The Johnson JH-100-WNB Delta Rose Electric Guitar is another great option for anybody searching for the best hollow body guitars under $1000. The Johnson JH-100-WNB Delta Rose Electric Guitar is a pretty decent budget option among the many hollow-body guitars being sold currently. It comes in at a lower price than the others on this list.

The hollow body takes this guitar to the next level by adding the punchy humbuckers to give the JH-100-WNB Delta Rose electric guitar a profound beefy tone. The Johnson JH-100-WNB Delta Rose Electric Guitar with its supercharged pickups will make any guitarist scream.

Overall, this is a killer guitar that looks and sounds great. You really can’t go wrong with this instrument if you’re looking for a good hollow body guitar for less than $1000. However, make sure that you get a great gig bag or case to keep it well-protected.

Final Thoughts

If you’re trying to find the best hollow body guitars under $1000 you don’t have to look further than the list above. Each of the instruments above offers a great sound, an attractive design, and high-quality craftsmanship. The hollow body guitars listed above will be sure to serve even the pickiest guitar players well.

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