5 Best Kalimbas and Thumb Pianos

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Trying to find a fun musical instrument to play?

Are you looking for the best kalimbas on the market today?

The kalimba is one instrument many people around the world perform with. The kalimba is one instrument professional musicians, hobbyists, and those brand new to music can have a lot of fun with. Kalimbas have an interesting and sophisticated look. However, they are also simply a lot of fun to mess around with on a casual basis.

Also sometimes known as a thumb piano, it’s important to note that kalimbas come in different finishes and different types of wood. Not all of them sound the same and their keys sometimes vary as well.

Making a buying decision can be difficult, but luckily, we’re here to help. Below we’ll give you our list of the very best kalimbas available today, so you can make a well-informed choice.

Best Kalimbas to Buy – Quick View

Best Thumb Pianos and Kalimbas – REVIEWED

Ready to find a great kalimba to buy? Check out the list below to find a great one for you.

1. Moozica 17-Key EQ Kalimba

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Best Electric Kalimbas

  • Users enjoy the sound and tone
  • Gives hobbyists and musicians the ability to connect their kalimba to an amp
  • Also gives musicians the option to use acoustically
  • This instrument also includes any accessories a musician might need

The first kalimba on our list is the Moozica 17-Key EQ Kalimba.

The Moozica kalimba is designed with a unique finish, carbon steel, and Acacia Koa wood. It also has an intricate pattern that draws musicians in and has an outstanding sound which is resonant and clear.

The Kalimba is a 17 key instrument and one of its best features is that it features a built-in pickup. You’ll easily be able to plug it in and get some extra volume.

Hobbyists and musicians have called the Moozica Kalimba one of the best you’ll ever purchase. Much of this is based on the outstanding sound that comes out of this kalimba as well as its ease of use. Moozica kalimbas are known to be perfect for on-stage use,  studio use,  or in the privacy of your own home.

Other features of the Moozica Kalimbas which appeal to hobbyists and musicians is that it includes 2 change-over plugs, a waterproof PU leather case and an audio cable. It also comes with a cloth wipe that can be incredibly useful to players who want to keep their kalimba looking great.

2. GECKO 17-Key Thumb Piano Kalimba

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Best Thumb Pianos

  • Several different hobbyists and musicians have left several satisfied reviews based on their experience
  • Designed for either experienced musicians or beginners
  • Includes a cleaning cloth, tune hammer, instruction book and much more

The GECKO 17-Key Thumb Piano is another great option for anyone that is looking for a great kalimba. Many musicians love this GECKO kalimba and it’s pretty likely you’ll enjoy this instrument as well.

Built and designed with solid mahogany wood, this kalimba has a sophisticated, clean look. It also has double screw keys which are great.

Many musicians believe this kalimba is one of the best out there based on its impressive, rich tones. This tone is due to the ore steel bars and the overall design and construction of this kalimba.

Musicians will also be happy to learn that a great bundle of accessories comes included with their kalimba as well. The instrument is also pretty cost-effective as GECKO has designed its kalimba to be affordable for players of all types.

3. JDR 17-Key Thumb Piano

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Top Kalimbas

  • Defined as tough and flexible
  • Built for either experienced musicians or newbies
  • Affordable for all musicians and hobbyists
  • Easy to use

Another great kalimba option is the JDR 17-Key Thumb Piano Kalimba.

JDR kalimbas are well-known for their intricate designs. The brand is best known for being one of the most unique kalimba manufacturers and they always get great reviews on each of their products.

This kalimba looks great and has a gorgeous sound. Featuring manganese steel keys the kalimba is incredibly easy on the fingers and it won’t be hard for newbies and experienced players to get a great sound out of the instrument.

4. UNOKKI 17-Key Kalimba

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Good Kalimbas

  • Perfect for experienced musicians and beginners
  • Different variations of textures and colors
  • Includes a silicone finger protector, tuning hammer and instructions

The UNOKKI 17-Key Kalimba is another great instrument that is perfect for skilled musicians and hobbyists alike. UNOKKI designed their kalimba with a bright, chocolate brown finish that features high-quality wood and a great tone.

The kalimba was built with radiant tine metal keys for each note. This is one of the main aspects of the UNOKKI kalimba that players enjoy the most, especially beginners.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that this kalimba is also built with a slight bend. This works to offer musicians the advantage of protecting their fingers while playing.

5. Apelila 17-Key Mahogany Kalimba

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Cheap Kalimbas

  • Affordable for Every Musician and Artist
  • Includes a Tuning Hammer, Velvet Bag, Two Finger Picks as well as Stickers and User Manual
  • Designed with Solid Construction

The final pick on our list of the best thumb pianos is the Apelila 17-Key Thumb Piano. Musicians and hobbyists love the Apelila Kalimba mainly due to the intricate details, the charming, unique colors and textures, and the unique etched design.

The design and etching give you a kalimba with a sophisticated, neat look and feel. With every use, you’ll be able to get a smooth, strong sound.

The brand has designed these instruments to have an array of uses as well as an array of sounds. Users of all types, from experienced musicians and complete beginners, will find a lot to love in this instrument.

Musicians have described their Apelila Kalimbas as one of the best instruments out there and have had great experiences with this kalimba.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, if you’re on the search for the best kalimbas around this list will help you make your decision. Be sure you consider the list above carefully if you want to make sure that you’re more than satisfied with your final purchase.

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