5 Best Pedal Boards with Cases for Guitar Players

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Looking for a great pedal board case to hold your favorite pedals? Ready to easily take all of your guitar effects on the road with you?

A pedalboard case can be an absolute lifesaver if you want to take your guitar effects pedals with you wherever you go. A great case can be incredibly convenient and allow you to keep all your favorite pedals and effects ready to go and be used at any time.

Below we’ll look at the very top pedal board cases for guitar players so you can find the perfect choice for you.

Best Pedal Boards For Guitarists – Quick View

Donner DB-3If you want a 7-pedal board that gives you everything you need in a pretty standard package, this is the choice for you.

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Gator G-TourA large and well-designed pedalboard that will offer a huge amount of safety and protection for your pedals.

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Boss BCB-60 DeluxeA lightweight pedalboard that will offer plenty of security for your favorite effects pedals.

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CNB PDC-410F MSBK Locking Aluminum Pedal CaseA 7-pedal pedalboard that offers plenty of durability in a lightweight package.

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Behringer PB-600A very lightweight and compact pedal board that will hold 6 pedals.

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What Is a Pedal Board Case?

Guitarists who play electric guitar or bass often find that they start expanding their set of equipment by buying guitar effects pedals.

To keep these pedals organized, a guitarist or bassist will add these pedals to a pedal “board” and keep them attached using velcro or another method to keep them secure. Placing pedals on a pedalboard can make things much easier for musicians while playing on stage and can allow them to access all of their pedals easily.

Without a pedalboard, things could become disorganized and it could be difficult for a guitarist to access all of their needed pedals. Owning or building a pedalboard is essential for a guitarist that uses guitar effects.

In addition to this, some guitarists may want to get a pedalboard case as well. A pedalboard case can easily hold a pedalboard and allow it to be carried and transported easily. This can be very helpful for guitarists when going to gigs or band practice.

While many guitar players build their own pedal boards and even pedal board cases, others want to get a simple, pre-built solution. Fortunately, there are a lot of options out there.

There are pre-built pedalboards, pedalboard cases, and pedalboard/case combos from brands such as Gator and Boss which allow players to buy a pedalboard without needing to build it themselves.

Great Pedal Board and Case Combos – Our Favorites

So which pedal boards should you consider buying as a guitar player? Here are the options that we think you should give some serious consideration to.

1. Donner DB-3

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Best Guitar Pedalboard

The Donner DB-3 is our first suggestion if you’re looking for an amazing pedal board that has plenty of room for all of your favorite effects.

Part of a series by Donner, the DB-3 is the largest of the bunch. This is a standard-design pedalboard that is very lightweight. It is made of aluminum and features a nice-looking matte finish

This pedal board case can fit up to 7 pedals and a power supply can be mounted under the board. Given all of its features, it’s surprising that this board comes in at such a low price.

A great perk of getting this board is that it comes with an easy-to-use nylon canvas carry-on bag. The bag has a should strap that is completely adjustable and features velcro.

By the way, if you’re looking for a smaller version, you may want to check out the Donner DB-2.

Overall, if you want a board that gives you everything you need in a pretty standard package, this is the choice for you.

2. Gator G-Tour

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Best Pedal Board for Guitar Players

The Gator G-Tour is another good pedal board option and claims the second spot on our list. This board will offer a huge amount of safety and protection for your pedals.

The Gator G-Tour is well-designed and cleverly allows for the placement of effects pedals in the board. The case features 3-point carry handles, 3M dual lock fasteners, and red hardware that are all made well.

This case has rolling wheels and is crafted from plywood. It also has metal corners and aluminum edging. The inside of this Gator case features Pro-grade shock absorbing EVA foam. This foam helps to secure anything that is placed on the pedalboard rack.

In addition to the pedals, this case also has plenty of room for other gear such as cables and other performance items.

Overall, the Gator G-Tour is a great pedalboard that is well worth your consideration.

3. Boss BCB-60 Deluxe

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Best Pedalboard for Bass Players

The Boss BCB-60 Deluxe is another good option and offers all of the quality you would expect from Boss.

This lightweight Boss pedal case has a lot of versatility. This case can easily be customized to work with plenty of devices. The interior is very customizable and will suit any player well, whether they need space for twin pedals or compact effects. The case features great padding on the inside.

The price of this case includes a lot of extras such as adapters and cables. It includes an onboard AC adapter that is capable of supplying power to 7 devices.

While the plastic casing may seem worrisome at first, the truth is that it offers more durability than your pedals will likely need.

Overall, the Boss BCB-60 Deluxe is a wonderful option if you need a secure and versatile case for your effects.

4. CNB PDC-410F MSBK Locking Aluminum Pedal Case

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Best Pedalboard For Guitarists

The CNB PDC-410F MSBK Black Locking Aluminum Pedal Case is another great pedal board option that offers plenty of durability and security in a lightweight package. You’ll be able to easily place 7 pedals in this case, and maybe even more.

This pedal case is crafted with durable and lightweight aluminum. This design is perfect for casing a variety of guitar effects pedals. Your pedals will be nice, cozy, and secure with the soft felt featured in the interior.

The edges of this pedal case are reinforced with steel, helping to prevent any denting. This case also offers you extra security in the form of 2 steel locking latches and the 2 keys that come along with the case.

You’ll be well equipped to secure your pedals in this case as soon as you get it. It comes with double stick tape included. This would likely be a great size case for use as a carry-on when traveling.

Overall, this is a great option if you favor security for your pedalboard case and need durability.

5. Behringer PB-600

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Top Behringer Pedalboards

The Behringer PB-600 is the final option on our list of pedalboards but still offers a lot for the guitarist or bass player.

This Behringer case is pretty roomy and is capable of holding 6 pedals along with some daisy-chain power cables. While this case is ideal for users of Behringer pedals, it will also do just fine for other brands of effects as well.

This high-quality pedal board was made in Germany and is a very lightweight and compact pedal board. Another great thing about this case is that it comes with a 3-year warranty. This pedal case also includes a powerful power adapter that can provide energy for multiple pedals.

Overall, this Behringer pedal board offers a lot for the money and may just be the choice you’ll want to go for if you need a great case.

Choosing the Right Pedal Board Case for Your Needs

If you’re looking for the best pedal board cases for guitar players or bass players, then the list above should tell you everything you need to know. Make sure you consider the above options if you want your guitar effects to be portable, secure, and easy to access at all times.

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