4 Best Octave Pedals For Guitarists

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Searching for the very best octave pedals to use with your guitar? Trying to find the perfect polyphonic octave pedal?

While there are many types of guitar effects pedals out there, octave pedals remain one of the most interesting types, allowing you to get some very interesting sounds out of your instrument. While they’re not perfect for every guitarist, many guitar players should definitely consider adding one of these pedals to their collection.

If you’re looking for a great octave pedal, read on. Here’s our list of the best octave pedals for guitarists.

Top Octave Pedals For Guitar Players – Quick View

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Best Octave Pedals For Guitarists – REVIEWED

Ready to find an amazing octave pedal that you can add to your pedalboard? Check out these great options.

1. Electro Harmonix Micro POG Polyphonic Octave Generator Guitar Effects Pedal

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Best Guitar Octave Pedals

The first octave pedal on our list is the Electro-Harmonix Micro POG. This is a high-quality effects pedal that was built well and is offered for a very reasonable price.

This polyphony octave pedal boasts some pretty great performance and is a great option for guitar players. Perhaps the best thing about this EHX pedal is that the tracking is extremely quick and efficient. The pedal isn’t likely to fall behind even if you’re playing at a breakneck speed.

While it’s not the most typical of octave pedals, this machine can give you all of the functionality of a typical octave pedal and more.

While the Micro POG is our first choice, there are some others that are very similar and part of the same family of pedals. If you’re interested in the Micro POG, you may want to consider these two pedals as well:

2. Electro-Harmonix Pitch Fork

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Good Octave Pedal

Another pedal made by Electro-Harmonix, the Pitch Fork Polyphonic Pitch Shifter is another great option for guitar players to consider.

This is a durable pedal that also offers some great octave effect features in a nice package. While the effects pedal looks pretty simple at first glance, underneath it packs quite a punch.

As should be expected from a brand such as Electro-Harmonix, this pedal is built wonderfully. You’ll get great performance out of this pedal and it isn’t likely to let you down.

You can alter the pitch of this octave pedal in multiple ways, going up, down, a combination of both, and more.

3. DigiTech Whammy dtv-01

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Top Whammy Octaver Pedals

The DigiTech Whammy dtv-01 is another powerful effects pedal that makes a worthy choice for guitar players.

For many people, this powerful pedal needs no introduction. This is a classic whammy pedal, and this version is packed with great pitch-shifting and octave features.

This whammy pedal is truly the complete package when it comes to pitch-shifting capabilities, making it a great option for advanced players. If you want all of the tremolo and modulation effects you can shake a stick at, this pedal is for you.

One of the top things that separate this pedal from others is that there is a built-in expression pedal.

4. BOSS OC-3 Dual Super Octave Pedal

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Octave Guitar Effects

The last guitar pedal on our list is the BOSS OC-3 Dual Super Octave Pedal. This is one of the best octave pedals for guitarists and is an incredibly flexible option that also won’t break the bank.

With this pedal, you can expect to be working with a two-octave range, both on the lower side. A knob on the pedal allows you to switch to polyphonic mode, enable distortion, or start using the 2nd octave. This Boss pedal also includes an additional input for bass guitarists.

This isn’t your typical octave pedal, but many players will love working with this unique stompbox.

Final Thoughts

If you’re trying to find the best octave pedals to use with your guitar, you need to check out each of the devices on the above list. Each of these pedals performs well and offers a great number of features. Chances are that one of the pedals on the above list will give you everything that you’re looking for.

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