4 Best Bass Chorus Pedals

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Searching for the very best bass chorus pedals on the market today? Looking for a chorus pedal that is perfect for bassists?

If you want to improve the sound of your bass guitar, it can be a great idea to invest in a high-quality chorus pedal that can give your instrument a fuller, more artful sound and a more balanced tone. Bass chorus pedals can vary quite a bit, however, and not all of them are built well enough to give you what you need.

That’s where we come in. Below we’ve listed a few of the best bass chorus pedals that you should definitely consider adding to your arsenal.

Best Bass Chorus Pedals – Quick View

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Top Chorus Pedals For Bassists – REVIEWED

Is it time for you to find an amazing chorus pedal for your bass? Check these out.

1. Carl Martin Bass Chorus Pedal

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Top Bass Chorus Pedals

The first pedal on our list is the Carl Martin Bass Chorus Pedal. This is a well-built pedal that will serve just about any bassist pretty well.

This pedal offers a great stereo output functionality. There are two channels on this pedal that are independent of each other, and each allows you to set a different depth and speed.

With these separate channels, you can create some interesting sounds and chorus effects that you can’t usually do with one pedal alone. The two footswitches on this pedal make it very easy to control the different channels that you’ll be working with.

The one drawback to this pedal, however, is that there aren’t any EQ knobs or level controls. This limits your flexibility quite a bit.

2. MXR M83 Bass Chorus Deluxe

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Best Chorus Pedal for Bass Guitar

The MXR M83 Bass Chorus Deluxe is another great chorus pedal that is perfect for any serious or amateur bassists out there. This is a simple pedal that does what it does well and makes a pretty great impact overall.

In addition to the basic functionality, this bass chorus pedal also has a built-in flanger mode. There is also an “X-Over” mode that offers additional functionality and works well with the bass guitar’s unique low frequencies.

This pedal is also built well and features plenty of durability and strength, meaning it will be great for gigs and for regular use.

3. Electro-Harmonix Bass Clone Chorus

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Chorus Bass Effects

Another great bass chorus pedal that’s well worth a look is the Electro-Harmonix Bass Clone Chorus Pedal. This is another pedal that isn’t packed full of extra features but serves its main purpose with a lot of stylishness. It also comes in at a pretty low price.

The chorus pedal has four knobs that allow users to control the sound and get some great chorus effects. While the pedal features both rate and depth controls for the chorus effect, it also features a 2-band EQ as well.

The bass pedal also has a selectable crossover feature that allows bassists to minimize the modulation on the lower bass frequencies, helping to create a more even tone overall.

4. BOSS CEB-3 Pedal

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Electric Bass Pedals

The BOSS CEB-3 Bass Chorus Pedal is the last pedal on our list of the best bass chorus pedals.

As you would expect from a company such as BOSS, this bass chorus pedal is built well and allows for some great tones. The pedal is durable and strong and is perfect for stage use.

A split-frequency crossover is also featured on this pedal and is adjustable, meaning you’ll keep your lower frequencies sounding great.

This pedal has enough features to please most bassists but also is simple and easy to use. While this is a high-quality pedal, it’s also not too pricey, making it great for any budget-minded bassists.

Final Thoughts

If you’re searching for the best bass chorus pedals that money can buy, you need to pay attention to the above list. Each of the pedals above will be sure to serve you well at home and on stage and will give you the more elegant bass tone that you’re looking for.

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