5 Best Acoustic Blues Guitars

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Looking for the best acoustic blues guitars?

Trying to find a great acoustic guitar for blues?

If you’re serious about playing the blues, you’re going to want a serious guitar to match. While many players enjoy playing electric, few things can compare to the sound of some great down-home blues played on an amazing acoustic guitar.

If you’re ready to play some lonesome blues sounds on a great acoustic guitar, look no further. Below we’ll give you our list of the best acoustic blues guitars.

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Best Acoustic Guitar For Blues – Quick View

Gretsch G9200 Boxcar Round-neck, Mahogany Body Resonator - Natural, Padauk FingerboardGretsch G9200 Boxcar Resonator Acoustic GuitarCheck Price on Amazon-
Martin 000-15M - NaturalMartin 000-15M Acoustic GuitarCheck Price on Amazon
Taylor 114ce 100 Series Acoustic Guitar, Sapele, Grand Auditorium, Cutaway, ES-TTaylor 114ce 100 Series Acoustic GuitarCheck Price on Amazon
Taylor 150e 12-string - Layered Walnut Back and SidesTaylor 150e Dreadnought 12-stringCheck Price on Amazon
Ibanez AVN9 - Open Pore NaturalIbanez AVN6Check Price on Amazon-

Best Acoustic Blues Guitars – REVIEWED

Ready to find the perfect blues guitar for you? Here’s our list of the best.

1. Gretsch G9200 Boxcar Resonator Acoustic Guitar

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Best Blues Resonator Guitar

The first guitar on our list is the Gretsch G9200 Boxcar Resonator Acoustic Guitar. This Gretsch guitar is one of the best and most versatile blues guitars to own. This guitar has a warm tone to it while playing, but can also get as loud as the player wants it to.

On the front of the guitar, there are “F” soundholes. These “F” soundholes provide uniqueness and an overall feel-good vibe to the instrument. This guitar is a resonator guitar, meaning it offers a beautiful sound that’s hard to deny and that serves the blues well.

Overall, this is one of the best acoustic blues guitars around and is also one of the most affordable on this list. This is a great blues resonator guitar to consider if you’re ready to get started playing in the genre.

2. Martin 000-15M Acoustic Guitar

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Best Acoustic Guitar For Blues

The Martin 000-15M Acoustic Guitar is another wonderful guitar to play the blues on.

This acoustic blues guitar has a satin finish, rosewood fingerboard, and an all mahogany body. The neck on this guitar is a modified low oval shape. There is a very distinct tone to the Martin 000-15M Acoustic Guitar which can be distinguishable from other types of acoustic guitars. This guitar truly sounds great and once you have some quality guitar strings and a worthy acoustic pickup to go with it, the sky will be the limit.

Unfortunately, for some players, this guitar may seem like it’s a bit too expensive. However, for people with the money to spend, this guitar will make an amazing choice.

Overall, this is a great instrument that is well worth a consideration if you want to play the blues.

3. Taylor 114ce 100 Series Acoustic Guitar

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Top Acoustic Blues Guitars

The Taylor 114ce 100 Series Acoustic Guitar is also a good guitar to play the blues on. Taylor never fails to deliver on their instruments, and this acoustic guitar is no exception.

Besides being a good guitar for beginners, this guitar would also be wonderful for performances. This guitar has Die Cast Chrome turners and a fretboard made out of Ebony. It is a simple looking guitar with a great tone and sound for a live performance.

Overall, this is an amazing acoustic guitar that you’ll want to look at closely if you want to take your blues playing to the next level.

4. Taylor 150e Dreadnought 12-string

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Best 12-String Guitar For Blues

If you’re interested in playing the blues but love the sound of the 12-string guitar, you can’t go wrong with the Taylor 150e Dreadnought 12-String Guitar.

Most acoustic guitars have 6 strings, but a few, like the Taylor 150e Dreadnought, has 12 strings. Having 12 strings instead of 6 gives the guitar a different tone and a unique sound. Playing blues music on a 12 string guitar sounds awesome, but sounds a bit different than a 6 string guitar.

The Taylor 150e Dreadnought 12-string Guitar features a volume and dynamic friendly architecture. It takes more time to learn how to play a 12 string guitar than a 6 string one, so this choice may not be ideal for a beginner player.

Overall, this is a great 12-string blues guitar that many players will love to get their hands on.

By the way, if you want to see some more excellent 12-string guitars, you may want to check out our list of the best 12-string guitars under $1000 now.

5. Ibanez AVN6

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Cool Blues Guitar

The final blues guitar on our list is the Ibanez AVN6. This guitar is a great choice if you’re interested in digging deep into the genre and has an amazing look that truly matches the blues genre perfectly.

This Ibanez guitar is sure to age well, no matter how much it is played. It has Grover tuners, which both beginners and experienced guitar players both enjoy. The Ibanez AVN6 is also made with solid wood. The solid wood gives the guitar a rich harmonic tone for its entire life.

Overall, this is a great acoustic blues guitar that offers the quality you would expect from a company such as Ibanez.

Final Thoughts

Once you’ve improved your guitar skills and have become serious about playing the blues, eventually it’s time to upgrade your instrument. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced guitar player, this list of acoustic guitars should give you what you need to play the blues.

Each person is different when it comes to playing the guitar and there are a lot of different tones out there. While only you know what’s right for you, the list above should set you in the right direction to make a good choice if you’re looking for the best acoustic blues guitars.

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