5 Best Jazz Trumpets

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Looking for the best jazz trumpets?

Want to give the jazz genre your everything?

If you want to play jazz music, it’s crucial that you invest in a trumpet that can keep up. Jazz music requires you to have the correct trumpet to create a nice rhythm when playing your music and to sound your best.

If you want to join the ranks of the best jazz trumpeters of all time, you’ll want to have a great trumpet that will never let you down. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to determine which trumpets will get the job done right and be perfect for playing jazz.

Luckily, we’re here to help. In this article, we’ll give you our list of the 5 best trumpets you should consider purchasing if you want to play jazz.

Top Trumpets For Playing Jazz – Quick View

Bach 19037 Stradivarius Series 50th Anniversary Bb Trumpet 190S37 SilverBach 19037 Stradivarius TrumpetCheck Price on Amazon
Jean Paul USA TR-430 Intermediate TrumpetJean Paul TR-430 TrumpetCheck Price on Amazon
Hawk WD-T313 Bb Trumpet with Case and Mouthpiece, Silver PlatedHawk WD-T313 TrumpetCheck Price on Amazon
Yamaha YTR-8335RS Xeno Series Bb TrumpetYamaha YTR-8335RSCheck Price on Amazon
Bach 180S43 Stradivarius Series Bb Trumpet 180S43 SilverBach 180S43Check Price on Amazon

Best Jazz Trumpets – REVIEWED

Ready to see our list of the best jazz trumpets? Here’s our full list.

1. Bach 19037 Stradivarius Trumpet

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Top Jazz Trumpets

The first trumpet on our list is the Bach 19037. Bach Trumpets are some of the best trumpets out there and many musicians have been using for years – including professional trumpet players, many whom have fallen in love with the brand. The Bach 19037 Stradivarius Trumpet is a testament to the brand’s craftsmanship and offers a lot to serious jazz trumpeters.

The tone of this trumpet is spectacular, and it is easy to achieve high notes when using it. This new model has an a3c mouthpiece and a silver wood shell. The trumpet is made of brass while the case and the outer parts are silver.

This trumpet truly has a remarkable sound and is also extremely durable and portable. This trumpet would be an especially great option for advanced and professional players.

Unfortunately, this trumpet is on the more expensive side, so you’ll need to shell out a bit of cash if you want to take it home with you.

Overall, this is a great jazz trumpet that is well worth a look for anyone who is serious about the genre.

2. Jean Paul TR-430 Trumpet

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Best Trumpet For Jazz Music

The Jean-Paul TR-430 is a great trumpet which is suitable for anyone who is a jazz trumpeter. It is ideal because of its versatility, and it is very easy to play and use. The tone which comes from the trumpet is lovely and fun. It is also ergonomic and that means you can use it for long times without breaking down.

This trumpet is made of brass lead pipe and features a 7C mouthpiece. The brass trumpet is also very durable and you can get a hold of it for a very reasonable price. This is one of the most affordable options on this list and is great for players who don’t have a lot of money to spend but still want a quality instrument.

Luckily, the trumpet is also very portable and comes with a carrying case that allows you to easily get from Point A to Point B. It also comes with a polishing cloth, gloves, and valve oil.

Overall, the Jean-Paul TR-430 is a useful intermediate trumpet that would be great for the average player who is still studying and training how to use a trumpet.

3. Hawk WD-T313 Trumpet

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Cheap Trumpets For Jazz Genre

Using the Hawk WD-T313 Trumpet to play jazz music is fun, and its design makes it more interesting. It is a trumpet which is loved by many because it comes in many colors. It comes in a furnish of gold, silver, brass or nickel. This a great option for a child if you want to help either him or her grow into a wonderful jazz trumpet player.

This trumpet is light in weight and very portable. It’s also very durable and versatile and plays well, making it a great option for jazz players of all levels.

Another great thing about this trumpet is that it is very affordable. While it doesn’t have the quality of some of the more expensive jazz trumpets out there, it’s hard to beat the value of this Hawk instrument.

Overall, this is a great choice for beginners or students who are looking for a great jazz trumpet.

4. Yamaha YTR-8335RS

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Professional Jazz Trumpets

If you are a professional trumpet player and wish to have a trumpet for playing jazz music, then the Yamaha YTR-8335RS is one of the best choices for you.

Many advanced trumpet players use this type of trumpet as it provides you with a reverse tuning slide. It also has hand-lapped slides and pistons as well. This trumpet has hand-lapped pistons and slides along with a changeable mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is changeable, and the adjuster ring is resent making it easy to play and versatile as you can change the sound you want. It produces a lovely bright tone that sounds wonderful.

This model of a trumpet is a bit heavy as compared to others, and it is because you can control the tone so well. The trumpet would be very suitable for experienced jazz musicians and is a high-quality trumpet that produces a really nice sound.

On the downside, this trumpet is fairly expensive. However, many players will love this trumpet and how easy it is to use.

Overall, this is a great choice for any trumpet players who are serious about jazz.

5. Bach 180S43 Jazz Trumpet

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Good Trumpets For Jazz

If you are looking for the best trumpet for playing jazz music, you should buy Bach 180S43. This trumpet provides a wonderful sound, has an attractive look, and is very affordable. The trumpet has one piece and the brass is yellow, making it very attractive.

It also has a hammered hand bell which has a slow taper making it produce a lovely right tone. The lead pipe is standard and gives the trumpet maximum resistance which will help in producing a quality tone. It also comes with one mouthpiece.

Like the other trumpets on this list, it will cost you a good bit to get your hands on it. However, if you have the money to spend you’ll be more than pleased with this Bach trumpet.

Overall, this would be a great choice for intermediate players and experienced players alike.

Final Thoughts

If you need a great jazz trumpet, you can’t do better than the trumpets on the list above. Each of these will give you what you need for that sweet jazz sound. Be sure to consider your options and needs carefully before choosing the best jazz trumpet for your needs

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