5 Best Tenor Ukuleles

Choosing the Best Tenor Ukulele

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Though the ukulele has become largely popular in recent years due to its ability to be incredibly portable, this does not mean that you have to restrict yourself to a shrill sound to bring your instrument with you wherever you go.

The best tenor ukuleles have begun offering a solid alternative to more standardized ukes, mainly due to their incredible amount of presence and solid tone that can’t be as easily replicated with a smaller model.

On top of this, tenor ukuleles aren’t much larger than a standard ukulele, still being incredibly fit for traveling. This means that not only are you able to take an instrument with you on-the-go, but you’re able to take a very versatile tool to make music with.

Because the market has become so saturated with the advent of online shopping, though, it can be difficult to know just where to start when looking for the best tenor ukuleles.

To ease your shopping concerns, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 best tenor ukuleles. Keep reading to see our choices.

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Top Tenor Ukuleles – Quick View

Best Tenor Ukuleles On the Market – REVIEWED

So, without further ado, here’s our list:

1. Cordoba 20TM Tenor Ukulele

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Best Tenor Ukuleles

At the top of our list is the Cordoba 20TM Tenor Ukulele. If you’re looking for a ukulele from a trusted brand, Cordoba gives a surprising range of sound for its price.

We recommend the Cordoba 20TM for those looking for a truly affordable model that will also give you a good deal of versatility. This one also comes with everything you need to play, including a tuner, strings, and even picks!

Overall, this ukulele will give any beginner or advanced player what they need to get started with the tenor uke. It has the perfect combination of quality craftsmanship, affordability, and stylish looks.

2. Cordoba 30T All Solid Tenor Ukulele

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Top Tenor Ukuleles

Next on our list is the Cordoba 30T, an instrument that is not only incredibly intuitive to play, but also comes at a very affordable price making it a good fit for professionals just as much as newcomers.

One of the biggest benefits of this instrument is how its body and design borrow heavily from Spanish guitars, making it an optimal instrument for those looking to get a truly authentic sound from their instrument.

The Cordoba 30T is also a very intuitive instrument to learn due to its particularly wide fingerboard, making it easier than ever to play the instrument. Did we mention that it also comes with a case?

3. Kala KA-KTG Koa Tenor Gloss Ukulele

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Best Tenor Ukuleles For Beginners

Kala ukuleles make some of the market’s most high-quality traditional instruments, putting any of their products on our list of options for those wanting a more laid-back take on a tenor uke. The Kala Koa Tenor Gloss Ukulele is no exception to this rule.

The trim to this instrument is particularly beautiful, providing a wonderful maple tone with black and white accents. The instrument also sounds fantastic, with a lot of resonance happening due to the body’s unique shape.

Overall, this instrument is definitely worth a look if you’re searching for a reliable tenor uke.

4. Fender Montecito Koa Tenor Ukulele

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Best Fender Ukulele

The Fender Montecito Koa Tenor Ukulele is another instrument that is not to be ignored.

This tenor uke simply sounds great. This is also a truly beautiful instrument—we love the wonderful wooden design that has a great fretboard.

The head of the instrument also has a beautiful design suggesting that of a bass guitar, giving the ukulele itself quite the personality. Aside from maybe a banjo ukulele, few ukes will catch your eye as much as this one.

Overall, the Fender Montecito is a great tenor ukulele that is well worth a look if you’re serious about finding a quality uke at a reasonable price.

5. Martin 1T IZ Tenor Ukulele

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Best Martin Ukulele

On the more expensive side of instruments, the Martin 1T IZ Tenor Ukulele provides an incredibly high-quality build for those who are looking for a truly high-class instrument.

The company that constructed it, C.F. Martin & Company have always been dedicated to making some of the world’s most impressive stringed instruments. This one is particularly interesting due to its relationship to the famous Hawaiian musician Israel Kamakawiwo’ole. The instrument was designed by his wife.

Though this is on the more high-end side of things, we’re absolutely in love with this instrument’s design. The beautiful mahogany wood gives it an incredible sound that will keep you playing it for decades to come.

Overall, this instrument is absolutely stunning and has a great build quality. However, it’s probably not for beginners to the instrument. Only the most advanced or serious uke players will likely want to give this a try due to its steep price.

Final Thoughts

We hope this guide has been helpful and you keep it in mind for the next time you’re shopping for the best tenor ukuleles!

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