3 Best Tenor Guitars

Best Acoustic Tenor Guitar

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Looking for the best tenor guitar?

Want to buy an amazing tenor guitar?

The tenor guitar is not one of the most common instruments out there today, and many musicians have never even laid eyes on one. However, if you want to have an instrument that sounds great and is a bit different from the norm, the tenor guitar can be a great choice.

Below we’ll give you our list of the best tenor guitars on the market today.

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Best Tenor Guitars – Quick View

Blueridge BR-40T Contemporary Series Tenor GuitarBlueridge BR-40T Tenor GuitarCheck Price on Amazon-
Ibanez Performance PFT2-NT Mini Dreadnought Acoustic Tenor Guitar NaturalIbanez Performance PFT2-NT Mini Dreadnought Acoustic Tenor GuitarCheck Price on Amazon
Ibanez AVT1 Tenor - NaturalIbanez AVT1 Tenor GuitarCheck Price on Amazon-

What is a Tenor Guitar?

If you don’t know what a tenor guitar is, you shouldn’t feel bad. These instruments aren’t so common and many guitarists have never laid their hands on one. The tenor guitar has been around for quite a while, however, and was created over a century ago. These guitars have an interesting history and have experienced something of a resurgence recently.

Unlike a typical acoustic guitar, the tenor guitar has only 4 strings. Tenor guitars are also usually tuned differently than a typical guitar. Most often, tenor guitars are tuned in fifths, to CGDA. This is the same as you can find in instruments such as the viola, the mandola, and the tenor banjo. However, all types of interesting tunings are available with the tenor guitar.

The tenor guitar makes a great instrument for guitar players to use to change up their instrumentation and can also be a great choice for banjo players looking for a change as well. While they’re not as common as standard guitars, many people play tenor guitars to this day and the instrument remains a unique choice for players.

Top Tenor Guitars – REVIEWED

Ready to get started? Here’s our list of the best tenor guitars.

1. Blueridge BR-40T Tenor Guitar

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Top Tenor Guitars

The Blueridge BR-40T is a gorgeous tenor guitar that sounds amazing and projects well. The tenor guitar has a clean, crisp tone.

The guitar has a solid Sitka spruce top along with scalloped braces. This guitar also features mahogany back and sides that give the instrument plenty of resonance. The neck of this tenor guitar is very slim, as it should be for this type of instrument.

The instrument is extremely playable due to the Santos rosewood fingerboard. The action of this guitar is nice.

While it is a bit pricey, the value you get certainly makes up for the money you’ll pay. This instrument is well worth a look if you’re in the market for a great 4-string tenor guitar.

Also worth a look is the Blueridge BR-60T, the big brother of the BR-40T.

2. Ibanez Performance PFT2-NT Mini Dreadnought Acoustic Tenor Guitar

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Best Tenor Guitar

The Ibanez Performance PFT2-NT Mini Dreadnought Acoustic Tenor Guitar is the next tenor guitar on our list. It’s well worth your consideration if you’re on the market for a great tenor guitar.

This Ibanez guitar is a 4-string tenor guitar with a beautiful spruce top. The instrument also features mahogany back and sides that create a resonant sound. Like a typical tenor guitar, the neck of this instrument is pretty narrow.

The Ibanez tenor guitar comes in at a pretty reasonable price considering what you get with the purchase. If you can’t afford the Blueridge tenor guitar above, this can be a good alternative. This is truly a high-quality tenor guitar that will leave few musicians wanting more.

3. Ibanez AVT1 Tenor Guitar

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Best Acoustic Tenor Guitar

Another tenor guitar from Ibanez, the Ibanez AVT1 is another great tenor guitar choice.

This is a 4-string tenor guitar that features a nice solid Sitka spruce top. The instrument also has a mahogany back and sides. The finish of this guitar looks pretty nice and the overall build quality isn’t too shabby either.

The guitar is a breeze to play and has pretty good action. The guitar has more than adequate resonance for any playing situation.

This Ibanez guitar is also a pretty good value considering the price you’ll pay for it.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for the best tenor guitar on the market today, none of the instruments above will fail you. Be sure you consider the instruments above if you’re ready to start playing the tenor guitar and you want to start your journey off right.

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