5 Best Strap Locks For Guitar Players

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Believe it or not, strap locks are not meant just for people who flip their guitars around the stage. Strap locks help you keep your guitar in place, and they work well to keep your guitar safe during any movement on stage. Strap locks will attach to your strap, help you keep your guitar stable, and prevent your guitar from coming undone when playing technical passages or simply strumming a few chords.

Many guitarists have experienced a guitar falling at some point. Your guitar is a valuable piece of equipment, so you need to be certain that your guitar will not move when you’re playing a song or if you’re in-between songs and messing with your guitar pedals. Guitarists tend to walk around on stage. With a great strap lock system, you can move around as much as you want and can even securely sling the guitar over your shoulder if you’d like.

If you think a guitar strap lock system may be right for you, then look no further. Below we’ll give you our list of the five best strap locks for guitar.

Best Strap Locks For Guitar – Quick View

1. The Schaller Security Strap Lock

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Best Security Strap For Guitar

These Schaller Straplocks are some of the best strap locks for guitar and, luckily, are not that expensive.

The straps come with a small screw that will fit into your guitar. However, not all guitars have the same screw notch. Some screws are so large that they will not fit your guitar. Other screws are far too small. Because of this, you need to be sure that the strap fits with your guitar. Check their specifications before buying so you know the strap will fit your instrument.

You might choose this strap lock because you need the highest level of security possible or if you’ve been worried about dropping your guitar. You can also use the strap lock when you have the guitar on your back. People who do not put their guitar down should get a stronger strap lock such as this one.

Overall, this is a great strap lock system and should be the first one you take a look at.

2. Dunlop Dual-Design Straplok System

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Best Strap Locks For Bass and Guitar

The Dunlop Dual Design Straplok System is the most secure of the devices on this list. The Dunlop system is so hard to remove that some people might not be able to get it off when they want to. However, some people would prefer to leave the strap locked to the guitar at all times. You can use the strap lock while the guitar is sitting in a stand or you might prefer to lock down your favorite strap so that you never lose it.

Additionally, the strap can even sit in your case with the guitar. Leaving the strap inside the case helps you protect your equipment and can be very convenient.

Dunlop is known for making many different musical instrument accessories. With this brand, you know that you’ll get a product that will be easy to use but without spending too much. You can avoid spending all your money on your strap locks when you buy a Dunlop strap lock system.

Overall, this is another great choice for guitarists that you definitely need to take a look at.

3. The DiMarzio Cliplock System

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Top Strap Locks For Guitar

The DiMarzio Cliplock is the simplest of all the devices on this list. Most guitarists will use this strap lock because it stays on the guitar so easily. However, the strap lock comes off without any trouble. Removing the strap from the guitar requires that you only pull off one pin, and you can snap the strap lock back into place when it is time to play again.

You might wonder if you will have a hard time with these straps because they are supposed to lock into place. The lock has a simple circle shape that is easy to match the guitar. However, you need to know for certain that this lock will fit your guitar. Some guitars do not match this lock. Some guitars might have a locking space too small for the strap pin.

However, if this strap will fit your guitar perfectly then it may just be the perfect strap lock system for your needs.

4. Planet Waves Lock Strap

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Best Guitar Straps and Locks

Planet Waves makes some of the most affordable products in the music industry, and this strap lock is no exception. The company has come up with a simple way for you to lock your guitar strap.

This same company makes some of the nicest straps that you can buy. Their straps are colorful, and their locks fit all the different guitars on the market. You can adjust the strap as much as you want. You can also remove the strap lock with just one click.

The Planet Waves Lock Guitar Strap is one of the more stable products on the market, and it will help you avoid any damage that might occur when your guitar flops around. This is a large instrument, but the strap lock is rated at 150 pounds.

With this strap lock, you won’t need to worry when moving around on stage. Planet Waves products last a long time and can stay with you for many years. They’re also so affordable that you may even want to buy extras to put in your bag when you have lost your strap lock or if you lend the strap to another musician.

Overall, Planet Waves truly delivers with these strap locks. You may want to check these straps out if you need a bit more security when playing.

5. Lock-it Strap

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Top Guitar Strap Lock System

The Lock-It Guitar Strap is easy to use because it was made for the wide range of guitars that are on the market today. Someone who would like to protect their guitar must try this strap before trying any other. It will hold up the weight of your instrument, and it prevents the guitar from moving when you walk.

Someone who would like to lock their guitar only needs one pin to do so. Plus, you can use the Lock-It strap to avoid any slipping. Some locks will fade over time because they tend to loosen with wear and tear.

Overall, this is a pretty worthy choice. However, it is a bit pricier than some of the other straps on this list.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a great way to keep your guitar secure, you should seriously consider buying one of the products above. These are just about the best strap locks for guitar on the market today.

There are several ways for you to protect your guitars when you are playing gigs, practicing, and trying to care for your instrument. You need a way to prevent damage in the future, and you also need a lock that will pin easily to your instrument.

You should buy at least one strap lock so you have something that is easy to use, protects your investment, and makes playing more stable. Strap locks provide you with the improved technique you need, increase the durability of your instrument, and help prevent damage. They’re a great investment to make.

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