4 Best Professional Alto Saxophones

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Searching the world for the best professional alto saxophones?

Wondering how you can go about finding the best professional alto sax?

If you’re a professional alto saxophone player but you’re still stuck playing an instrument that doesn’t match your current level, you likely aren’t sounding your best. There truly is a difference between the different instruments out there and if you want to sound your best, it’s important to invest in a high-quality instrument that was made with professionals in mind.

Luckily, we’re here for you. Below we’ll give your our full list of the best professional alto saxophones on the market today.

Best Professional Alto Saxophones – Quick View

Top Alto Saxophones For Professionals – REVIEWED

Ready to find a professional instrument? Here’s our list of the best saxophones for professionals.

1. Selmer Paris Series III Model 62 Jubilee Edition Alto Saxophone 62J

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Best Selmer Saxophone

The first professional saxophone on our list is the Selmer Paris Series III Model 62J.

This saxophone has a redesigned octave neck key which features a light mechanism and great functionality. The tuning of this instrument, as well as the tone and projection, are simply second to none. The saxophone’s S125 Anniversary mouthpiece is excellent and features great acoustic resonance and excellent dynamics.

The lacquer of this instrument is golden, and as a result, offers plenty of presence and a warm tone. A modern style outline engraving helps the sax look amazing and has a great aesthetic due to its elegance and complexity.

Overall, this is truly a professional instrument that offers everything you would expect from a reputable company such as Selmer.

2. Yamaha YAS-82ZII Custom Z Alto Saxophone Lacquered

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Best Professional Alto Sax

The YAS-82ZII Custom Z Alto Saxophone is the next professional saxophone on our list. This Yamaha alto saxophone has a great sound and a full open tone that sounds great. The engraved instrument also looks great and has an aesthetically pleasing design.

The action of this Yamaha is super fast and the instrument offers great functionality. Few instruments are as reliable as this saxophone and offer such exceptional playability.

It’s also worth noting that this sax also includes a hard case that will do a great job of transporting the instrument.

While Selmer’s name may have a bit more clout in some ways, Yamaha is not to be underrated. This is a great professional instrument that will serve advanced players and professionals well.

3. Yamaha YAS-62 Professional Alto Saxophone Lacquered

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Best Alto Sax For Professionals

The Yamaha YAS-62 Professional Alto Saxophone is another great choice for professional saxophonists. This is another Yamaha saxophone that offers a lot to players. The instrument will serve players well right out of the box and offers a great sound that professionals will love.

This professional sax has been redesigned for quick responsiveness and features a free, gorgeous tone. It allows for great playability and features a more than ample amount of control. The neck of this Yamaha alto sax is slightly narrower than some of the alternatives out there.

The instrument also comes with a high-quality case that will make the instrument easy to get from Point A to Point B.

4. Yanagisawa AWO1 Alto Saxophone Lacquered

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Best Professional Saxophones

The Yanagisawa AWO1 Alto Saxophone is another professional alto sax that will serve professionals well.

Standing up by the Yamaha and Selmer instruments, this Yanagisawa alto saxophone also offers the quality that professionals need. This saxophone features high-quality construction, ergonomic design on the keys, and an impressive look and sound. The instrument is sure to fit in well with just about any genre players choose to use it for.

This is a free-blowing saxophone with a very strong and resonant tone. Low notes will be easy to play and it shouldn’t be too hard for professional saxophonists to get some great sounds out of it.

A great bundle of extras also comes with this saxophone, including a hard rubber 5 mouthpiece, a carrying case, cork grease, a neck strap, and polishing cloths.

Final Thoughts

If you’re trying to find the best professional alto saxophones, you should take the list above to heart. These instruments will serve you well and will help you to sound your best no matter where you perform and practice.

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