5 Best Harmonica Books For Beginners

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Searching far and wide for the best harmonica books for beginners? Want to start your journey to becoming a harmonica master?

The harmonica is a fun instrument to play, and while it has a shorter learning curve than some instruments, it can still be difficult if you’re a newbie musician. If you want to become comfortable with the harmonica, it’s a great idea to buy a lesson book to follow when you’re starting out.

Luckily for you, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll list the 5 best harmonica books for beginners.

Best Harmonica Books For Beginners – Quick View

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Top Harmonica Lesson Books – REVIEWED

Can’t wait to get started learning the harmonica? Here are our favorite harmonica books.

1. Harmonica Primer Book for Beginners

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Best Beginner Harmonica Books

The first harmonica book on our list is the Harmonica Primer Book. This harmonica book teaches the right hand and mouth positions along with blowing and drawing the harmonica. More advanced concepts are also discussed, including chords, scales, vibrato, cross harp, and bending notes.

The great thing about this harmonica book is that it lays everything out in a clear way, making it ideal for beginners to read and understand. The book features familiar songs and great instructions.

Harmonica beginners will use the harmonica to learn more than 30 songs. These songs include classic favorites such as Amazing Grace and When the Saints Go Marching In.

There’s also an included DVD that will help to assist players in the sound of songs and harmonica techniques.

2. Harmonica For Dummies: 2nd Edition

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Best Harmonica Lesson Books

Harmonica For Dummies: 2nd Edition is another great harmonica book for beginners. The 2nd edition of this harmonica book makes learning the harmonica simple and easy and guides players in a step-by-step way. Players will learn how to read music and start practicing the instrument immediately.

The beginner lessons in this book start with topics such as learning notes and chords along with other basic skills. A great thing about this book is that it also walks players through all of the different genres that they could be interested in. This includes American folk, jazz, blues, and more.

The many lessons in this book are straightforward and cover all of the topics that a player needs to understand to get better when learning the instrument.

3. Harmonica for Kids

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Best Kids Harmonica Book

For kids who are learning the harmonica, Harmonica For Kids is a great book to use. The harmonica lessons in this book are bite-sized and fun, making it the perfect companion book for children. Lessons feature great instructions on many topics including right-hand positioning, mouth placement, and more.

The lessons are written in basic English and the layout of the book is incredibly simple and easy to understand. Notation in the book is larger than most other books as well. This lesson book features over 30 familiar songs.

4. Absolute Beginners Harmonica

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Good Harmonica Books For Learning

Absolute Beginner’s Harmonica is another great harmonica lesson book for beginners to use while learning the ropes. This is a great harmonica book that helps players get off on the right foot. The book covers all of the essentials and gives plenty of tips for successful learning and playing.

This harmonica book covers music theory but it also covers all of the practical aspects of learning the instrument as well. Players will learn all of the basics including hand and mouth positioning. The book also features information about chords, scales, and note bends.

Even better, the harmonica book includes plenty of illustrations and photos that can aid players with understanding. The included CD is incredibly useful and features full-length accompaniment tracks that can allow players to jam along and put their skills into practice.

5. Country & Blues Harmonica for the Musically Hopeless

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Best Blues and Country Harmonica Books

The final book on our list is Country & Blues Harmonica for the Musically Hopeless. This harmonica book features all of the information that players need to learn country and blues harmonica. Some of the included lessons feature information on bending notes, tongue blocking, making train whistle sounds, and jamming.

The guide is step by step and allows players to learn many songs, both simple and more difficult. Lessons are comprehensive and in-depth and a CD is also included with this book.

While this book is a great starting place for beginners, intermediate and advanced players will learn a lot in this book as well.

Final Thoughts

If you want to become comfortable with the harmonica as quickly and easily as possible, it’s a great idea to get a lesson book to guide you. Be sure that you consider buying one of the best harmonica books for beginners if you want to have a great time learning the instrument.

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