5 Best Electric Upright Basses

Best Electric Upright Basses

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Searching desperately for the best electric upright basses?

Want to have a great electric bass that will give you a full, bass sound?

An electric upright bass can be a great instrument to have if you’re a dedicated bass player and they come with a lot of advantages over a traditional upright bass.

With an electric standing bass, you’ll not only be able to plug in easily for any on-stage situations but you’ll also be able to easily transport your instrument from Point A to Point B. Whether you’re making the switch from an electric bass guitar or from an acoustic upright bass, these instruments make for a great choice for dedicated bassists.

If you’re looking for a great electric bass that you can buy for yourself, look no further. Below we’ll give you our list of the very best electric upright basses on the market today.

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Best Upright Basses – Quick View

Electric Upright Bass Reviews – Our Top Choices

Ready to find the best electric upright bass for you? Here’s a list of our top favorites.

1. NS Design, 4-String Electric Upright Bass, Sunburst (NXT4ADBSB)

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Best 4-String Electric Upright Bass

The first upright bass on our list is the NS Design NXT4ADBSB 4-String Electric Upright Bass. NS Design is a great company that makes exceptional upright bass instruments, and this bass truly speaks for their level of quality.

This is an instrument that is truly a good professional option and features a very impressive level of quality. The instrument is equipped with the proper scale length, bow ability, and fingerboard profile. The instrument is very portable and will serve any serious bassist well.

While being a great stand-up bass, its design is impressively modern. This electric upright bass is very ergonomic as well. This is not just an electric bass but also features a solid body that looks very attractive. The finish and the fit of this bass are pretty amazing and well justifies the higher price tag.

A free-standing tripod is also included with this bass instrument.

Overall, this is a great upright electric bass that will give bassists the quality they deserve. If you’re looking for the best electric upright bass, this should definitely be on your list of ones to check out further.

2. Stagg EDB-3/4 VBR Electric 3/4 Size Double Bass with Gig Bag

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Best 3/4 Electric Double Basses

The next bass on our list is the Stagg EDB-3/4 VBR Double Bass. This Stagg electric upright bass offers a great value for the money and you’ll get a lot for what you pay.

Because of the price, this could be a suitable entry-level bass. However, this bass fiddle is very well-made and might be much more suited for professionals and advanced players who know their way around an upright.

The electronics in this bass are state of the art and are specifically designed for double bass instruments. The electronics of this bass will be adequately quiet whether you’ll be playing live or in the studio.

This is a 3/4 size instrument and it’s also a violin burst double bass. The dot inlays are well located and look exceptional while the color and finish of this bass are second to none, and will be sure to turn plenty of heads.

Overall, this Stagg bass packs quite a punch and makes for another good selection for a bass player who’s looking for an electrified upgrade.

3. Dean PACECCBK Pace Contra Upright Pace Bass with Case

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Best Electric Contrabass

The Dean PA PACECCBK Pace Contra Upright Pace Bass is another amazing choice for serious bass players and professionals. This is a standard 35″ scale bass with a 6″ rosewood fingerboard that looks great.

This contrabass instrument has a great tone and excellent resonance as well. This upright bass can be bowed as well so you’ll have plenty of versatility with this instrument. If you’re planning to use this as a bluegrass instrument, however, you may want to lower the action a bit.

As for the drawbacks, this electric bass is a highly functional instrument, but it can be somewhat awkward to handle at times. Additionally, the gig bag that is included with this instrument is nice, but it could be a bit better as well as far as fit and security go.

Overall, however, this is another excellent upright bass that offers great value, meaning it may be a good choice for beginners, intermediates, or advanced bassists.

4. Palatino VE-500 Electric Upright Bass

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Best Professional Upright Bass

Another one of the best electric upright basses around, the Palatino VE-500 offers a lot to players.

This Palatino electric upright bass features a piezo transducer pickup that includes active tone and volume controls. The bass has an amazing sound that is authentic to the sound of an acoustic upright bass.

The fingerboard of this bass is extremely close to the real thing to provide excellent comfort and playability. This is a bass that aims to provide improved comfort and will be easy to play.

The string can be raised easily if you plan to use a bow. The electric bass also includes a headphone jack so that you can play late at night or without making too much noise.

The only complaint to note with this bass is that the bag that is included with this bass is a bit tight. Additionally, the battery cable is a bit on the flimsy side.

Overall, this Palatino bass would be another good pick for any bassist who wants a highly portable and easy-to-use instrument. This is really one of the very best electric upright basses around today.

5. Lucky Penny Model EDB-BK Black 3/4 Size Electric Upright Double Bass

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Good Electric Upright Basses

If you’re looking for the best upright bass that also features electronics, the Lucky Penny Model EDB-BK Black 3/4 Size Electric Upright Double Bass is another worthy choice to consider.

This killer bass instrument features solid-body construction along with integrated electronics. The onboard volume and bass controls featured on this instrument will help you tweak your sound for the room you’re playing in.

It’s incredibly simple to plug in the instrument and get a great amplified sound. This electric bass features rich, natural tones and won’t leave many bassists wanting more out of it.

The bass also includes 2 1/8-inch mini-jacks. You’ll be able to easily connect your headphones to practice in silence. You can also plug in an mp3 player or sound source if you want to jam along with some music with your new bass.

Overall, this bass is an excellent upright option that will allow players to plug in and amp up easily.

Final Thoughts

If you’re on a quest to find the best electric upright basses, you don’t have to look much further than this list. You’ll be more than satisfied with any of the electric bass instruments listed above and they’ll be sure to serve you well if you’re a skilled bass player.

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