4 Best Acoustic Bass Guitars [2023]

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Searching for the best acoustic bass guitar? Ready to get your hands on a great acoustic bass?

While playing an electric or upright bass can be a lot of fun, sometimes a small acoustic bass guitar offers the perfect solution. For certain shows and smaller acoustic bands, these cool instruments will sound great and fit in perfectly. Along with fretless bass guitars and short-scale bass guitars, the acoustic bass is another great option that serves as a good alternative to the norm.

If you’re ready to find the perfect instrument, look no further. Below we’ll give you our list of the best acoustic bass guitars on the market today.

Best Acoustic Bass Guitars – Quick View

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Benefits of Using an Acoustic Bass Vs. Electric Bass

So why should you consider playing an acoustic bass instead of an electric bass? Here are the top reasons you might want to play one.


One of the top reasons to buy an acoustic bass is that it will be very convenient.

With a normal electric bass, you’ll need to plug it in before you can get much sound from it. An acoustic bass doesn’t need to be plugged in, so all you’ll need to do is pick it up and start playing.

This can be more convenient when playing with friends or gigging. You won’t need to lug a large amp around or carry it from place to place like you will when using a standard electric guitar.

Unique Tone

Many bassists also love the tone of an acoustic bass. Not quite an upright bass and not quite an electric bass, an acoustic bass has a unique sound of its own.

If you want to experiment with new sounds in recordings or when playing with a band, then you might want to have an acoustic bass instrument around.

Band Suitability

Depending on the type of band you’re in or the type of musicians you jam with, an electric bass may or may not be suitable.

With bluegrass music, for example, you usually won’t find many electric bass guitars but most bassists will play an upright bass instead. An acoustic bass could also be a good choice for bluegrass or for another acoustic or folk genre as well.

Top Acoustic Basses – REVIEWED

Ready to see our suggestions? Here’s our list of the best acoustic bass guitars.

1. Takamine GB30CE

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Top Acoustic Bass Guitars

The Takamine GB30CE is the first instrument on our list of the best acoustic bass guitars.

This is a powerful bass guitar that comes from a brand with a great reputation. It’s one of the best acoustic basses out there, which is surprising considering the price isn’t too shabby either.

The tonewood construction choice is excellent and the body is shaped perfectly. This is a high-quality instrument that will serve any acoustic bass player well.

Takamine’s acoustic bass offers a really balanced tone that incorporates strong lows, mids, and trebles. This Takamine acoustic bass offers useful EQ controls along with gain, bass, and EQ bypass features.

2. Taylor GS Mini­-e Acoustic Bass

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Best Taylor Acoustic Bass

The Taylor GS Mini-e is the next acoustic bass on our list. This slightly smaller and unusual bass by Taylor packs quite a punch. This Taylor offers a great plugged-in sound due to a killer built-in preamp and pickup.

This is a short-scale acoustic bass that is built well and sounds great. The build includes a top made of solid Sitka spruce along with back and sides made of layered Sapele. While it isn’t made of solid wood like some models, it still sounds pretty impressive.

Overall, this is a pretty nice Taylor acoustic bass that bassists are sure to love. Be sure to consider this instrument if you’re trying to find a small acoustic bass guitar that sounds great.

3. Gold Tone Mbass­25

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Best Shortscale Bass

The Gold Tone Mbass25 is another great acoustic bass guitar that will serve players well. Like the Taylor guitar mentioned above, this is a short-scale model acoustic bass that offers a great-quality build and sound.

This mahogany bass guitar is pretty big but the neck is a bit shorter. The mahogany offers the acoustic bass guitar a rich tone that will fit in perfectly in a small band setting.

The electronics in this Gold Tone bass do a great job of demonstrating the instrument’s rich acoustic tone.

4. Fender CB­60SCE

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Best Fender Acoustic Bass

The Fender CB60SCE is the last acoustic bass on our list of the best. This is a great acoustic bass option that both beginners and professional players will love.

This Fender bass is built well and features a solid spruce top along with mahogany back and sides. The instrument also looks great to the eyes.

The electronics are pretty nice on this instrument and consist of a Fishman Classic preamp. The bass offers a great low-end tone but boasts a nice well-rounded range as well.

Overall, this is a good acoustic bass to consider if you’re looking for a budget option. Because of its low price, it’s especially a good choice if you’re looking for the best acoustic bass guitar for beginners.

Choosing an Acoustic Bass With This Guide

If you’re searching for the best acoustic bass guitar around, any of these instruments would be a great choice. By choosing one of the instruments above, you’ll be sure to be satisfied with your decision.

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