What Is a Dreadnought Guitar?

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Are you thinking about buying an acoustic guitar soon? Wondering what a “dreadnought guitar” is and whether you should buy one?

Originally manufactured by Martin Guitars, the dreadnought guitar style has been adopted and modified by many manufacturers over the years. Today, it’s hard to find a manufacturer who doesn’t make a dreadnought guitar. In fact, most modern acoustic guitars are variations on the dreadnought.

The dreadnought guitar style is the most common body shape for steel-string acoustic guitars. It’s also one of the most recognizable. Dreadnoughts are the gold standard in acoustic guitars and are a great choice for players of all skill levels.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to this iconic guitar style and will tell you why you may want to buy one for yourself.

The History of the Dreadnought Guitar

The dreadnought guitar was designed in the early 1900s by C.F. Martin and Company, a musical instrument manufacturer based in Nazareth, Pennsylvania. Martin created the dreadnought guitar to compete with other existing guitar models on the market at that time, particularly the Gibson-style acoustic.

As is often the case with great inventions, this one was actually an accident. Due to a mistake by one of Martin’s employees, a large guitar was produced. It was much larger than other guitars of the time. When Martin noticed that this particular guitar had a much deeper tone than its competitors, the company decided to really make it a point to keep producing these large guitars.

How Did It Get Its Name?Dreadnought Ships

The name “dreadnought” comes from a type of naval ship that was popular in the early 20th century. The large ship had great firepower and speed and was very modern for its time.

When Martin created the guitar around this time, the company decided to name it after this battleship as a testament to its strength and superior construction.

Why Choose a Dreadnought Guitar?

Dreadnoughts are one of the most versatile guitars available today, with a number of different styles and shapes available on the market. They have a deep body, which makes them great guitars for strumming. The guitar shape also has a good low end along with great highs, offering a fuller sound than most smaller guitars do.

If you’re playing your guitar solo or performing as a singer/songwriter, then a dreadnought guitar is the perfect fit. It will help your performance seem fuller and you’ll have a big sound. A dreadnought acoustic guitar also works great in band settings as well or in any performance situation in which you’ll need a good bit of resonance and want the guitar to have a strong presence.

While this guitar shape is a good choice for performers, it’s also a great option to start learning on. More often than not, a dreadnought is one of the first guitars that people buy when they first start learning how to play the instrument. You can get a good sound out of this guitar, even if your skills are in their infancy.

Keep in mind that because the dreadnought guitar is a little bigger, it can also work great for people with larger fingers. For kids and people with smaller fingers, it may make sense to get a smaller guitar instead.

Overall, however, the dreadnought guitar is great for beginners. It’s also perfect for players who want a dependable instrument for performing on-stage or in the studio.

Final Thoughts

The dreadnought guitar style is a popular choice for professional and amateur musicians alike, thanks to its versatility, its resonance, and its ease of use. If you’re looking for an instrument that can be played in any setting, this could be the perfect choice for you!

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