Learning Guitar on the Web: 5 Top Free Online Guitar Resources

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Interesting in learning how to play the guitar? Wondering what the top free online guitar resources are?

If you’re interested in learning the guitar for the first time or furthering your existing skills, you might be looking for more ways to do it. Of course, private guitar lessons can be a huge help in learning the guitar. However, they do require a financial investment that you may or may not be ready for.

The truth is that private lessons can be helpful when learning the guitar, but they’re not completely necessary. With a bit of dedication and access to the right resources, you can learn the guitar for free and teach yourself the instrument more easily than you might expect.

Fortunately, there are plenty of great resources for learning the guitar online. Many of them are also completely free to access and use. In this article, we’ll list the top 5 free online resources you can use to start or continue learning the guitar.

1. YouTube

Learning Guitar With YouTubeIt may come as no surprise to you that, here at Music to My Wallet, we consider YouTube to be one of the best online guitar resources for, well, really anyone.

Whether you’re a beginner to the instrument or you’re an advanced player, YouTube has no shortage of information for you. Among the many YouTube influencers, music videos, and cat videos, there are also plenty of YouTube guitar teachers that love to share their expertise with the community-at-large.

If you need a few options to get started with, check out the JustinGuitar YouTube channel or the GuitarJamz channel.

2. Ultimate Guitar

While there are many guitar tab websites out there, few of them are as great of a resource as Ultimate Guitar is. Ultimate-Guitar features more chord charts and tabs than you can shake a stick at. No matter what genre you’re interested in, you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for.

Anybody can submit guitar tabs or chord charts.  Users also rate tabs on a scale of 1 to 5. While there are a lot of tabs that have errors and aren’t perfect, finding great tabs is pretty easy to do thanks to the rating system.

However, not only does Ultimate Guitar have tabs Galore, but the site also features many other great resources as well. In addition to the great tabs, the site also has a lot more to offer. Ultimate Guitar has a great guitarist community. The site also features forums along with many user-published articles on guitar techniques and skills.

3. Udemy

Udemy Online Guitar Courses

Udemy is one of the best websites on the web for learning just about anything and features hundreds of courses on nearly every subject.  The site features a lot of great guitar courses that can help new and experienced players develop new skills and advance in the instrument. While many of these courses are paid offerings, there are also plenty of free ones as well.

Like on YouTube, most of the courses on Udemy are video-based. The great thing about these courses, however, is that they’re structured very well. This means that they can help you progress much more easily than when using alternative resources.

If you’re the type of person who likes to have a bit of structure when learning, Udemy guitar courses are a great option for learning the instrument.

4. Guitar World

Although Guitar World is best known for its print magazine, it’s also a great resource on the web for beginner, intermediate, and advanced players of the guitar.

The Guitar World website features plenty of articles to sift through on every range of guitar techniques out there. There are a lot of excellent lessons to access on the Guitar World website and each article is professionally written. Lessons explain techniques in clear terms that anyone can understand.

On top of this, there are also feature articles and interviews with the best guitar players in the world. This means you’ll also get plenty of inspiration when on the site. As an extra bonus, keep in mind that Guitar World also has a great YouTube channel as well.

Learning to Play the Acoustic Guitar

5. Acoustic Guitar Magazine

Another well-known guitar magazine that also serves as a great free resource online is the Acoustic Guitar Magazine website. As the name suggests, the lessons featured on the site are intended for those who are specifically looking to improve their skills on the acoustic guitar rather than the electric guitar.

Featuring video lessons, articles, interviews, and gear reviews, Acoustic Guitar Magazine has a lot to offer players of all skill levels and experiences. The site is well worth a look if you want to learn the guitar for free.

Final Thoughts

If you’re searching for the top free online guitar resources, you need to get very familiar with the ones listed above. However, remember that these options are just scratching the surface. The internet is a big place, and there are plenty more great resources where these came from. Make sure to do some digging of your own to find more great lessons online.

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