4 Best Acoustic-Electric Ukuleles

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Looking for the best acoustic-electric ukuleles?

Need a ukulele that you can easily plug in to get some extra volume?

The ukulele is a classic, timeless instrument that produces a beautifully bright sound. It’s been around for nearly 200 years and while it’s often synonymous with Hawaiian culture over the years it has become a widely popular instrument internationally.

The tone and volume of the instrument vary depending on its size and construction. There are many different types of ukuleles. The main types include soprano, concert, tenor, baritone, and bass.

As a musician, I’ve been playing ukulele for quite a while. I understand how difficult it can be to find the right ukulele. Luckily, we’re here to help. Below we’ll look at 5 of the best acoustic-electric ukuleles currently on the market.

Top Acoustic-Electric Ukuleles – Quick View

1. Epiphone Les Paul Acoustic-Electric Concert Ukulele

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Best Electro-Acoustic Ukulele

The Epiphone Les Paul Acoustic-Electric Ukulele is one of the best electric-acoustic ukuleles on the market. The ukulele is made from mahogany and features a beautiful sunburst maple veneer. It also has a larger concert-sized body, which produces a louder and deeper tone than a standard soprano ukulele.

This ukulele uses standard GCEA tuning. The uke has a rosewood fretboard with 19 silver and nickel frets which allows for ultra-smooth fingering.

This uke also has a standard output jack that can easily connect to an amplifier or mixer. This instrument is perfect for live concert performances but is also perfect for studio recordings. The ukulele also has an extremely lightweight body. It can be fitted with a carrying strap and also comes with a black gig bag.

When buying this ukulele you also have the option of purchasing a 24 to 36-month warranty. The warranty protects against accidental damage, wear and tear, power surges, heat, and humidity, or if it breaks down unexpectedly.

Overall, this is a great acoustic-electric ukulele that is not likely to disappoint.

2. Luna Soprano Vintage Mahogany Acoustic-Electric Ukulele

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Best Electric Ukulele

The Luna Soprano Vintage Mahogany Acoustic Electric Ukulele is by far one of the most beautiful ukuleles I’ve seen. It features a gorgeous satin finish, a beautiful rosette, and Mother of Pearl inlays. It has a timeless vintage mahogany look.

The mahogany and rosewood fretboard give it a brighter tone and add sustain and clarity to the tone. It also features open style tuners, which will ensure it keeps its precise tuning. It also has a UK-T2 preamp with an onboard tuner to provide enhanced amplification. The ukulele’s satin natural finish is made entirely of mahogany and has 12 frets. The uke also has a C shaped neck and a piezo pickup bridge. It’s an ideal choice for right-handed players.

The Ukulele also comes with an unlimited lifetime warranty which will protect you against any accidental damage, spills, cracks, or if it unexpectedly breaks down.

Overall, this is a wonderful instrument that beginners and professionals can equally appreciate.

3. Mitchell MU100CE Acoustic-Electric Concert Ukulele

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Top Ukuleles

The Mitchell MU100CE is a beautifully crafted instrument and is one of the best acoustic-electric ukuleles around. It’s also the first ever acoustic electric ukulele produced by Mitchell. The ukulele is made from Koa and Indian Rosewood and also has a natural gloss finish. It features a rosewood fretboard, which produces beautifully rich sounds.

This ukulele is ultra lightweight, easy to carry, and perfect for concert performances.

The ukulele also features a Fishman Kula Pre-Amplifier, a 3 band EQ, and a built-in tuner, which will guarantee the best sound quality and ensure it never loses its tone.

With this instrument, you also have the option of purchasing a 2 to 3-year warranty, which will protect it from breakdowns, accidental damages, wear and tear, or failures, such as power surges or any sort of malfunction.

4. Hadean UKB-23 Acoustic-Electric Bass Ukulele

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Best Electric Uke

The Hadean Acoustic-Electric Bass Ukulele is the best bass ukulele you’re likely to find. It features a walnut body, with a rosewood fretboard and truss-rod adjustable neck, which allows you to easily finger notes and move across the neck effortlessly.

This ukulele is slightly larger than most standard ukuleles, due to the increased tension on the thicker strings. This type of ukulele is different than most because it has the range of a standard bass guitar.

The ukulele also comes equipped with a pre-amp, which features bass, volume, treble, and mid controls. This ukulele also features an integrated built-in tuner, which will allow for precise tuning. There’s nothing worse than losing your tuning during a live performance.

The ukulele features preinstalled Aquila Nylgut strings, which absorb less moisture and provide increased accuracy while playing. The ukulele handles extremely well, weighing only 5lbs, and is very lightweight and easy to carry.

Runner Up: Ibanez UICT10 Iceman Tenor Ukulele

Top Acoustic-Electric Ukuleles

For nearly a hundred years Ibanez has continuously been one of America’s most beloved instrument manufacturers.

The Ibanez UIC10 Iceman Tenor Ukulele is an instrument that every music lover can appreciate. It features a spruce top, an Okoume Mahogany body, and neck, with a high gloss black finish, and Purple Heart fingerboard, which allows for incredibly smooth playability. This 4 string ukulele, has a white dot fingerboard inlay and 20 frets. It also has Aquila Nylblack Tenor strings which provide the instrument with a beautiful, bright, and clear sound.

The ukulele also uses Ibanez AEQ2U electronics and is equipped with a built-in tuner and an EQ system, which allows you to easily control the tone. This ukulele is ideal for both chording and playing a lead. The uke also has a cutaway body and allows for effortless access to the upper frets.

Overall, this is a great concert ukulele that delivers an impeccable tone and features an elegant, timeless design.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for the best acoustic-electric ukuleles and want an instrument that is ideal for having extra volume during performance or practice, then you’ll probably want to pick one of the above instruments. Each of these ukes is a great choice if you need to have a ukulele that not only sounds but can also be plugged into an amp or PA system.

Looking for a regular acoustic ukulele instead? Then you may want to see our full list of the best ukuleles on the market today.