7 Best Accordion Players in the World: Past and Present

Best Accordion Players in the World - Past and Present

Can’t get enough of the accordion? Wondering who the best accordion players in the world are? The accordion is one of the most fascinating and unique instruments out there, and while many have attempted to master its sound over the years, far fewer have succeeded. Fortunately, there are some accordionists who have done a great … Read more

5 Best Accordion Straps [2023]

Best Accordion Strap

Looking for the best accordion straps for your accordion? Want to have more stability when you’re playing this unique musical instrument? If you already have a pretty good understanding of the accordion, you probably already understand the importance of a high-quality shoulder strap. A strap provides a lot of security and also offers versatility, allowing … Read more

5 Best Melodicas On the Market [UPDATED FOR 2021]

Cool Melodicas

Looking for the best melodicas on the market? Ready to start playing this unique instrument? The melodica offers both a sound and a playing style that is an unusual musical instrument that is unlike most others out there today. With the look of a piano and a sound that’s a mix between a harmonica and … Read more

6 Best Piano Accordions For Beginners [2023]

Looking for the best piano accordions for beginners? Ready to start playing this interesting instrument? If you’re a piano player looking to make the switch to the accordion or you’re learning an instrument for the first time, the piano accordion can be a great choice. Unlike the diatonic accordion, which seems a bit more complicated … Read more

6 Best Accordions for Beginners – Diatonic [2023]

best beginner accordion reviews

Looking for the best accordions for beginners? Want to get started on the right foot? The accordion is a unique instrument that characterizes some of the most interesting musical styles out there. The instrument is a centerpiece of many musical genres – ranging from American Cajun music and Klezmer to Polka and Tango. Along with … Read more